Day 8 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah.

November 28, 2011


A day of rest is just what I needed!  It was a good day and started off with a little extra sleep and a breakfast with some new friends. Shortly after breakfast Sean, Kim and I went to see Arthur Christmas at the movie theater and I really enjoyed it.  It was a big step not having M&Ms and a Coke Zero at the movies.  I did allow myself a nice Starbucks Coffee afterwards, but that ended up being a good thing.  How was it a good thing other than for my enjoyment?  Well I ended up playing basketball for about one and half hours after we did new guest orientation.  One really cool part of playing basketball by myself in the gym with all that energy was that Jim Germanakos is here this week.  He was the at home winner from Season 4 of the Biggest Loser TV show, and a really nice guy.  He popped his head in the gym and we talked for about 30 minutes.  It is nice to see people continue on their journey even from the TV show.  There are some great new guests here for the week and I am excited to meet as many as I can.  I think it is going to be a great week.


Even though it was an off day I played basketball long enough to soak an entire t-shirt with sweat so go me!


For breakfast I had the eggs and toast (not the strawberry muffin that was offered.)  Lunch was a sack lunch which contained hummus, carrots, cucumbers, string cheese, an apple, and some pita slices.  I have to say they have dramatically improved the hummus and I enjoyed my lunch.  Dinner was turkey stroganoff and for dessert we had vanilla pie.  Both of those dishes were excellent and I really like having the greek yogurt pie fillings.  The food continues to get better all the time.





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