Day 6 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah.

November 27, 2011


I felt good this morning as I got ready for my hike and am surprised how not sore I am.  It was a good day overall especially since I got to go to the casino at night with Brendi, Sean and Kim.  I won 58 dollars on the slot machines, but more importantly to me I got to have a iced coffee with a splash of cream and a few splenda.  Wow did that make the difference in how I was feeling.  It was a good time and I appreciate Sean taking us a ton.  He has lost over 120 pounds here at the resort and has been at this resort on and off for over 20 weeks with about 18 more in total he has planned to stay.  If you get out here talk to him, he is very nice and willing to share his experiences which I promise you are vast.  It felt good to get off the resort and to be good at the same time.  It always is a good reinforcement to be able to cheat and stick to your guns.  I know when I go back home Starbucks and coffee are still going to be in my life, but I am going to try to make sure I keep the coke zero out.


So we did the infamous stop sign hike here in Malibu and I have to say I did not like it as much as I thought I would.  They let our group out 1 mile earlier than the usual since 3 vans went on Friday.  It is paved the entire way with incline pretty much the entire way.  The bad part of it is that I got a blister started between my little toe and the next one up.  That is going to plague me fore a few days and I can only attribute it to the even terrain and long distance of the hike.  Instead of gym class fun time we did next week prep class which is a motivational thing about focusing on the week to come.  I actually got myself a little choked up as I am trying to be positive, but feeling negative about all the ground I have lost, and how I have let myself and my family down.  I know it seems silly but you mix that in to being upset about other Malibu memories and I am an emotional wreck at times here.  As far as the rest of the workouts we did Circuit class, Zumba and a pool class.  Circuit was awesome because I ran at 8.0 again(1 min) and I think I actually may have impressed Brendi who was running next to me.  She claims she couldn’t do it but I know better.  Zumba was ok, but it is a little frustrating trying to learn the complex dance moves all in one class.  Not my favorite class I have taken, but it was fun to be in and I did get a decent workout.


The food for the day was a yogurt parfait for breakfast, and even though I had eggs and toast but it looked great.  Lunch was a chicken caesar salad and french onion soup which were both good and quite filling.  Dinner was a turkey burger with salad and chocolate drizzled on orange slices for dessert.  The burger was actually kind of dry (which is unusual) but with some ketchup I had no real complaints.  I made a nice little baked apple with cinnamon, truvia, almonds and just some water to keep it moist in the microwave.  It turned out so well I thought I was cheating!




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