Day 5 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah

November 27, 2011


It is sad to be away from my family this Thanksgiving, but I can not think of a better place to be.  I am very blessed to be here and I took stock of that on Thursday.  It was a great day of food, friends and crazy difficult hikes.  The day started out going to the hike and finding that the entrance was closed to the performing arts high school where the hike path started.  It was hilarious to watch Sione, of biggest loser fame, make a hole in the fence for us to sneak through to get to the Saddle hike.  Another great part of my Thanksgiving was that I started hanging out after dinner with Sean, Brendi and Kim and they are some great people.  It is nice to have some close friends here to share experiences and have fun conversations.  I am writing this on Sunday while sitting outside with Kim and Sean right now (Brendi has already left,) and it is good to just have company while doing my writing.



The hike we did is called Saddle, and it is one of the most difficult hikes I have been on either in Malibu or here in Utah.  It was not because of incline, but simply because of climbing up.  There is little to no climbing on hikes in Malibu but this hike had about a 20 minute solid straight up.  It was like doing lunges up a hill and very difficult, but at the end very rewarding!  I am actually looking forward to trying it again.  I had a great time after lunch and biked to a field where we played a kickball game.  It was nice to see all the families out playing games on Thanksgiving together.  The afternoon classes were treading, ball works and H2O intervals.  I did really well in my treading class and did a sprint at the end at 8.0 for a minute which is good for me.  I was excited about it and felt liked I really pushed myself all day.



Breakfast was a bacon and egg sandwich which was a really great break from my toast and egg regime.  Lunch was sunchoke and potato soup which is just ok, and a little on the grainy side, with a Mediterranean pita stuffed with ground turkey.  The pita was good but I probably would go with the tuna salad option over it.  For our Thanksgiving dinner we had grilled turkey with yam puree and pumpkin brulee for dessert.  The turkey was good and there was a cranberry drizzle around the plate and some sort of gravy on the turkey breast.  It was very good, and I loved the dessert.  It was much better than some sort of amuse bouche bits of everything.  It was filling and with good company and that is definitely something to be thankful for.




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