Day 4 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah

November 26, 2011


Wednesday was a surprisingly good day.  Once again I thought I would be plagued by fatigue or soreness but I felt pretty good all things considered.  I hope it is just that even though I have gained some weight back I have carried over some decent conditioning.  It is hard to judge since I am not physically at the point where I left the last time.  My caffeine headaches are gone which is great!  I am caffeine free once again, but not sure it is going to stay that way post resort, but we shall see.  I do have a goal of getting back to drinking mostly water once I get home.  I am a Coke Zero fiend and there is really no good reason for it at this point in my health makeover.  My spirits are definitely a little higher on Wednesday and I have made some good friends in my van.  I also was able to go to Target and get some Duct tape, razors and laundry detergent.  I was tempted to get a diet coke but restrained so the trip was a success.


The hike on Wednesday was Third Ravine and it was a pretty cool hike.  It was challenging but not really too bad.  It had some really great scenery and a nice cave in the middle of the hike to go through.  There was a geocache in the cave where people leave something and take something which I found interesting.  I did not do morning stretch, but did do stretch with Sione after the hike.  Stretch was good and it was a dynamic stretching class so I burned a decent number of calories.  I went to the gym after lunch and played a game of badminton which is as fun as it sounds.  It is like being in middle school gym class all over again.  The afternoon classes were Mountain, H2O circuit and Kickboxing.  They were all great and I got an incredible calorie burn.



Breakfast was peanut butter with bananas as a sandwich.  I opted out and went with eggs and toast again.  It really is a great go to here and I like it with the Siracha hot sauce.  Lunch was tomato soup and BBQ chicken pizza which was actually great!  The soup was good, but they have changed the pizza crust from sandwich thins to actual tortilla type crusts and I really liked it.  It seemed like much more food that way for some reason.  Dinner was Salmon on Orzo, but I opted for the Tuna Sandwich which is actually a new addition to the resort foods for me.  The options now if you don’t want what is being served for lunch or dinner are Boca burger, Tuna Salad on a bagel thin or pita, or Hummus and Pita.  The hummus is much better and the new tuna salad they make seems like a ton of food and is really good.




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  • 1. Carolyn Kornswiet  |  November 27, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    Good job, Dwayne! Wish I could be there with you… of the best things BLFR did for me was get me off caffeine. I haven’t had a diet coke(which I couldn’t live without before), since January 30th, the day I got there. I am loving reading about your experience in Utah! Keep up the good work :-)


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