Day 3 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah

November 25, 2011


As these days grow distant it gets harder for me to comment.  I am going to try to catch up this morning (Friday) and get Day 3-5 up.  Day 3 was Tuesday and I was surprised that I was not more sore.  I felt good as we got ready and went to Scout Cave.  The group I am with is in Van 1 and I am the token guy for the van.  My hiking has slowed down considerably, but I really enjoyed the pace and talking with the other hikers on the hike.  I am still feeling a bit frustrated with myself and a little down while I am here.  It is great to have made a few good friends that help keep my spirits up.  The one thing I remember though is that so many times you make good friends who then leave before you.  If you are a stay over guest it happens quite a bit and can be a little disheartening.  Things are going well though as far as food, workouts and everything  so nothing really big to complain about.


As I mentioned above we did the Scout Cave hike today which was not too challenging, but had a few decent inclines.  It was a ton of lava rock which is not much fun to hike over since it catches your feet a decent bit.  It looks really cool when you have a chance to slow down and look at it, but still nerve wracking to watch your feet so much instead of the beautiful area.  We were lucky to get to see Johnson’s Canyon and the arch there since it is only open a few months a year.  It is really beautiful in middle of all that red rock.  The cave itself was really cool since you could see the entire area (hence the name Scout.)  I bought a set of hiking poles and this was a good hike for them.  I did not go to stretch class in the morning, and instead of open gym I went to the cooking demo.  As far as the afternoon classes we did Deep Water Suspension (I think all the water classes are pretty similar,) Cario Intervals and Total Toning.  The classes were challenging as always and I was happy to survive through.


I had my watch on for most of the day, the 1100 calorie burn was good on the hike, and I burned 446 calories in intervals and 425 calories in total tonin.


Breakfast was a peach muffin, which since I have been to the resort before I knew I wanted eggs and toast.  The problem with the muffin is that it just does not seem to be hearty enough to survive through an arduous hike.  On the next day I heard many of my vanmates talking about how it was good but they wished they had oatmeal or eggs and toast.  Lunch was chicken coconut soup and quinoa lettuce wraps.  I really enjoyed this meal, the soup was like a thai curry soup and with some siracha it was fantastic.  The lettuce wraps had great flavor and were very filling.  For dinner we ate white bean chili which was awesome!  I really loved it and think I am going to have to make it at home.  The parfait was a great surprise since I never liked them before that much, but now that they make them with greek yogurt they are amazing.  It was one of the better desserts.



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  • 1. Louis  |  November 25, 2011 at 10:12 am


    I think your challenge this trip is to not draw strength from others who are there with you but, to find that internal place of strength you can hold forever for yourself.

    You are stronger than you give yourself credit for, yet i find you beat yourself up too much when you take a step back. Small victories over time equal big successes, small defeats over time can cause catastrophic failure.

    Win, win small win often, and the lion inside of you will come out to take over. 300 lbs, nothing, 250 lbs easy, 200 lbs what a great idea, something big, today just get back to par. You got this Dwayne, find the place, you know for me it’s all about the dark place, what will it take for you to be the guy aspire to be…

    Only you can answer that, small victories equal large successes, even something as impressive as the Washington Mounument started with a single stone block.


  • 2. Dwayne Phillips  |  November 26, 2011 at 1:04 am

    Thanks man, I really needed that. I forget the progress I make when I unmake it, but I know the path I need to walk.


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