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September 29, 2011

Things are still moving forward positively. Food was good yesterday and I stayed on plan. I did have a Coke Zero, but that allowed me to not binge so I count it as a blessing. For breakfast I had 2 egg whites with one whole egg with some veggies and beans. Lunch was chicken, salsa, spinach and peppers and black beans, and dinner was the same with some added guacamole. Also, I had some extra beans before bed. I am pretty happy with the diet, though I wish it were easier to have a snack.

I did 45 minutes on the precor elliptical yesterday and then 30 minutes of weight/resistance training with my trainer. I am happy with the workout and feel great today. I am already at Starbucks today writing this and have not worked out yet. I plan on doing a kettlebell workout at home. I know it will make me crazy sore, but I need that so I can move on with my training.

My clothes feel loser today and that makes me happy, I am feeling like I may not be too disappointed on Sunday at my weigh in. As long as I am less then 310 I will be content as a good starting point. Otherwise it is going to stress me out. All my fault though since I did go crazy last week. Anyway, one with my day! Hope yours are going well.

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Yay and stuff… Quick update since it has been so long…

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