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September 28, 2011

Things are still going well.  I am feeling better as far as might clothes go.  They had been getting tight and now they are starting to loosen once again.  I am both sad and glad I am not quantifying my weight so I know how well it is working.  I still think mentally it is for the best.

As far as food yesterday I was on diet, I ate beans, veggies and chicken 4 times.  The final one was at Chipotle which was great.  My wife and I went out to eat and Chipotle is uniquely able to provide food for my diet and is mostly organic and antibiotic free.  I really like it.  I am limiting my guacamole intake since I want to make sure that I feel full but maximize the more fibrous, less fatty foods I am allowed.  Guacamole and salsa are being used sparingly.   I am still having artificially sweetened tea, coffee and crystal light.  I have been able to cut out all of my coke zero still though.  Baby steps right?  Move forward, onward and downward and all of that.

So far today I did 45 minutes on the precor elliptical machine and then did 30 minutes of core and weight training with my trainer.  So that is day 3 of working out everyday doing at least cardio daily.  Things are still going well in that respect.  I have had some tension headaches for the last two days and it is making working out tough, but if it were easy everyone would be in there right?

Anyway, still doing well and looking forward to my Sunday weigh in.  Next week I am going on a trip to Pennsylvania for a friends birthday so next week will be a challenge.  Only around 8 weeks till resort time though so I have to be on plan and get my work done so that I can get my work done at the resort.

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First day was all good, day two is going swimmingly… Another day

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