First day was all good, day two is going swimmingly…

September 27, 2011

Yesterday went well and I stuck to the eating plan.  I may have actually eaten too little.  I missed breakfast as I got ready and worked out and went to Starbucks too early.  I did have coffee and tea yesterday which I am going to try to work on removing from my daily consumption.  I plan on getting down to near unsweetened green tea while at Starbucks.  I ate some roasted skinless chicken for lunch and for dinner I had some spinach, onions, green peppers, roasted chicken and black beans with salsa and a little guacamole.  I had no coke zero but did still have some crystal light.  I am really working on decreasing my caffeine and eliminating my sugar free sweeteners.  I am pretty happy with the diet so far.  Today should go better.

As far as working out I only did my 1 hour of treading yesterday, and that was fairly challenging for me which is disappointing.  Today I went in and did an hour on the precor elliptical machine.  I got my sweat on, but still think I have more I can give today.  Tomorrow I will have a session with my trainer after my cardio which will mostly likely be weights and core work.  Always a good thing.

All and all I feel great being back in the saddle and moving forward with my plans of losing weight.  I wish it had not taken me so long and I had not gained so much to get things moving again.  If I can be down in the 270s by the end of the December it will be worth it though.

Hope everyone is having some success today.  Keep it going.


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Guess who’s back, back again… Yay and stuff…

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