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September 26, 2011

Well it has been a long time since I have been serious and the time is once again upon me.  I just got back from a family vacation in Seaside, Florida filled with crazy bad foods and family fun.  It was great, but it was seriously glutinous.  After going out again last night with my wife I back and on plan 100% committed to getting to where I was before I go back to the Biggest Loser Resort at the end of November for 3 weeks.

I think the last time I was at the resort I had a great time meeting good people but just being there for one week and seeing no results messed with my head in a serious way.  I lost 0 pounds and almost felt like I came back weaker.  It is and was all mental but that has been what I have let color my past several months of lack luster efforts at moving forward.

So it is Monday and what have I done?  Well I went to the gym and did a serious treading session.  I plan on doing kettlebells this afternoon.  I would have done them this morning, but just a simple treading session literally KICKED my ass.  I was stunned to say the least what the week of food and little exercise did to me.  It is helping my focus like a laser beam.  I am not going to kill myself day 1 since this is a marathon to the resort since I have plenty of time.  One thing I am not doing today is weighing.  I will weigh in next Sunday and that will be my official start weight of getting back on track and down to the 280s by the time I am at camp.  I think it will be feasible but I have done some serious damage to myself.

How am I eating this time?  Well last time before I went to camp I did the slow carb diet from Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body and I lost 15 pounds before I got to the resort.  That is what I am doing this time.  It is a no rocket science fairly static diet.  The basics are:

Rule #1: Avoid “white” carbohydrates

Rule #2: Eat the same few meals over and over again

Rule #3: Don’t drink calories

Rule #4: Take one day off per week

The actual diet consists of:

Egg whites with one whole egg for flavor
Chicken breast or thigh
Grass-fed organic beef

Black beans
Pinto beans

Mixed vegetables

Three to four meals a day, and it is kind of like a Chipotle (burrito restaurant) diet without the tortillas and rice.

It worked for me and it is something I know I can stick to.  That is what I need right now as I try to get my life back in order after messing around too much.  At this point I know I have lost my competition to get to 250, but I want to at least make a good showing and get down in the 200s with some gusto before I congratulate Louis on his accomplishments.

Anyway, I will be updating more and having more successes to post about.  Good luck to everyone and hopefully I will see some of you when I get to the resort for Thanksgiving Week!  What a great week to skip out on some bad food right? =)



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Still going… First day was all good, day two is going swimmingly…

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  • 1. Carolyn Kornswiet  |  September 28, 2011 at 11:58 am

    Good luck to you, Dwayne! I too, fell off the wagon, but have finally found the motivation again, I hope! Watched the Biggest Loser and after going through some old, skinny pictures of myself, I am committed as well. It wasn’t so much seeing myself thinner that motivated me, but rather remembering how much better and how much more energy I had back at that weight. That is what I miss more than anything…..I hate feeling so tired all the time! The stress fracture in my shin isn’t finished healing, so I have to be really careful and ease back into exercise, but I will do yoga, and whatever else my physical therapist allows me to do. I look forward to hearing about your progress!


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