Journal Update: Recipes are hard, so are kettlebells

August 17, 2011

Thoughts for the day that was August 16th:

Well I have to mention that it is my mother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! I get her a nice spiffy air purifier for her birthday since I knew she would never get one but really wanted to try it out.

It was actually a very good day for working out. I went outside during my personal training session and we ran for about 40 minutes on and off. I can tell me new brain drugs are helping out because I was chatty during the run and had some spare energy. Most of the time I am quiet and just focusing on surviving the workouts. It is a great feeling. The not so great news is the night before I did about 25 minutes of hard kettlebell work again and that is going to make me pay on Wednesday!

After our workout we did some core and weight training stuff so now every one of my muscle groups is going to be pissed for the rest of the week. This is actually a good thing, it just means I am finally back into a routine that challenges me. My body will adapt as it always does and I need to keep pushing it.

I weighed again today just because and I am still at 304. It is a bit frustrating given that I have been good with my food. Even when I am eating unhealthy things I am factoring in my calories for the day and doing a spot on job. Maybe it is time to start spending more time working on quality foods versus crap. I am motivated to make some changes and the time is right. Louis is going to kick my arse getting down to 250 pounds but I want to be in the 280s AT LEAST by the time I get to the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah for my November body burn.

Anyway, quick update believe it or not I am almost done with my obligation to the other online magazine I have been writing for so in the next week I will be back here 100%! Missing you all.

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Journal Update: Kettlebells make you sore… Great Cause and Great Fitness

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  • 1. Kent Moeller  |  August 17, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Hey Dwayne

    You will love Utah. Its beautiful. Great facility…awesome trainers. You will learn to hate sand and the Utah version of Zuma is Stop Sign….4 miles up and turn around and 4 miles down.

    Glad to hear you are doing better. I started running every nite now and I feel a bit better about that. Been trying to do more hills.

    Keep it up !!


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