Journal Update: Kettlebells make you sore…

August 15, 2011

So my last post mentioned that I did a kettlebell workout at home right?  Well that one workout had me sore and near unable to walk until SUNDAY!  Bad news for working out, but the goods news is I have been on plan eating at or below 1800 calories even with heading out to some restaurants.

As far as the diet and weight loss go things are normal, and this week my son is in full day preschool!  This means more time to get things I have been putting of forever done… Like blogging more, working out more and in general getting some more content up on this site so that you have a reason to read it other than to watch my decline/rise cycles!

I just made a nice little dinner and I am going to post some pictures.  It was not as healthy as it could have been, but I will mention some ways to make it better then I did for my wife.

Hope all is going well with you all out there, I promise some good things coming this week!  I plan on being sub 300 by this coming Sunday!


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