Journal Update: As always struggling to stay up to date

August 12, 2011

Thoughts for the days that were: August 10th and 11th!

It has been going well.  I have not had too much to report the last two days.  More unexciting getting to 1800 calories in not the best way sort of things.  I am making slow progress and this is all about the journey right?

On the workout front I did workout on the 10th and am still sore as of the 12th from it.  What was it?  I did some kettle bell swings after having been out of that loop for about 3 weeks or so.  It is hard to believe how sore I am right now.  I will have to make sure to keep up my kettle bell swinging nature so as not to get this sore again!  UGH!

My food journal is going to be missing in action on this post.  I have been keeping it going in my dailyburn application (which I love!) but there really is not such an easy way to post it here in the amount of time I have free at the moment.

This coming week my son will be going to all day preschool 5 days a week so I should have some more time to get this and some other obligations done and hopefully even get to the application development classes I have been wanting to do.  Oh and I start another online course at Ivy Tech in Java development next week!  Fun fun fun!  I am going to work on getting a few recipes up next week and try out some new formatting.

Anyway that is it for now, check back in the next few days for some random recipes and maybe some haphazard iPhone cooking video outtakes.

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Journal Update: It has been 5 days, where have I been? Journal Update: Kettlebells make you sore…

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