Journal Update: Still Here, Planning My World Conquest

July 2, 2011

Well in all seriousness I am still not focused in like a laser beam on my goal to get to 250 faster then Louis. It shows in the fact that my eating is still not much improved. As far as working out I did my personal training session on Thursday and that went well. We did a run outside and then did some core work once we got back in.

My continued eating problems are either depressing me or I am having eating problems because I am depressed. Sounds very Austin Powers/Fat Bastard but it is shockingly accurate. I am not sure my affirmation therapy I am doing is helping, and it may just be that I am not that into it or anything it seems. I try to cling onto the fact that I am not spiraling into my huge weight gain, and I have not given up. I do want to continue changing my life for the better. I am kicking around the idea of choosing a new diet plan or workout plan to restart my loss, but am having problems deciding. I have done so many and failed at them all so it is hard to actually choose one and say, “Hey this time it is a winning choice.”

Anyway, I am all over the place in this post. I feel like I have been letting my blogging readers down as I have let myself down as late so I apologize that these posts are more infrequent and less substantive. I feel like I am holding on by my fingernails, but promise I will get back into my groove.

Hope everyone is having a great 4th weekend!

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