Journal Update: Mostly good news, survived the 5k!

June 27, 2011

Well on Saturday I ran a 5K with my wife and am still alive. I finished at 37:18 and she finished at 37:16! I had to sprint at the end to catch her. It was something I am glad I did, there were a few good hills on it which challenged us both. I ran faster than my previous 5K so at least I am improving even though I am not training for running like I was. I think I am going to work at getting faster. If you want to see the times and info just click here.

I did not eat close to perfect this weekend.  The personal food journal is on the way.  I can no longer just be vague about it I screwed up and need some real accountability.  My challenge at shrinking jean and with Louis and crew are suffering because of my wankerness.  The rest of the crew in Louis challenge weighed in with these results:

Contestant 6/19/2011 6/26/2011
Dwayne 297 295 -0.67%
Kent 231 227 -1.73%
Louis 301 295 -1.99%
Sherri 169 168 -0.59%

Louis is now the same weight as me.  If I don’t kick it in this week his shrinking ass is going to be running ahead of me.

The other event of the weekend was going to The Lion King with my son Jack and my wife in Dayton.  It was a good musical, but Jack was a little young to be there.  He was kind of squirmy and punk-ish.  Lesson learned!

Ok, going to get back in and kick some booty this week, lets get it going!

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  • 1. Kent Moeller  |  June 28, 2011 at 11:46 am

    C’mon Dwayne. I know you can do it. The body is strong and the mind is weak. Focus. Eye of the tiger !!! I have faith.

  • 2. Kent from BLFR  |  June 30, 2011 at 10:16 am

    Hey Dwayne

    Great job on running the 5k. I remember when I was 295 – I could not even run a continuous mile without a walking interval. Looking back I remember how it felt so good job and keep it up!


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