Journal Update: Making IT! Great week so far Tuesday-Thursday!

June 24, 2011

Well I have done great this week and not done any binging!  That is such a huge thing for me right now considering how often it was happening before.  I think I have to credit the challenge with Louis and my other friends from the Biggest Loser Resort.  It has really been a motivator this week to stay on track with my diet and get my exercise in.  Louis has been amusing me with his trash talk on his site about how he has already won.  Little does he know he has awakened the beast within.  I am not sure I can beat him on workout intensity, but I am going to have to be spot on with diet.  He has been doing the Paleo diet which is going to give him a decent advantage I believe, but we shall see in the end.

Here is some Louis trash talk:

As far as food has gone I have been spot on with my eating until yesterday, and even then it was a date night so I still stayed on diet and did not have any desserts.  I have been struggling to drink more water.  I find using lemons and limes in the water has been helping me.  Right now my babystep is that I have to consume and equal or greater amount of water compared to my coke zero and coffee intake.  I have more than cut in half my non-water drinks though which is a great start.  I really do want to take it down to zero, at least for the competition!  Another high point of the week was when I did not finish my kids food when they were done, as well as skipping out on eating pizza when I knew I had food at home.

As far as working out the last few days I went to personal training sessions on both Tuesday and Thursday for an hour each, and played tennis with some friends on Tuesday as well.  I need to do some kettlebell work this week.  I think Friday is going to be the kettlebell day.  I am also signed up for a 5K here in Richmond on Saturday.  I am a little nervous going into this 5K because I have not been working on any distance of late, mostly just focusing on pushing heart rate up in intervals.  I jogged with my trainer on Thursday and was having a rough go of it oddly.  Not sure what that was all about, but we all have off days training.

Anyways, back to the grind.  I promise more detailed food and workout journals.  It has actually been a busy week working out, cooking and doing kid related things!


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