Journal Update: The only Magic Bullet is sold on TV and is a blender…

June 18, 2011

There is no magic bullet for weight loss (unless you count the one you buy on TV and you make healthy liquid snacks in it.)  That is one thing I was reminded of today when I went to my therapy session.  I keep looking for something that is going to just go “click” in my mind and make this binging thing go away, but it is sooo far from that simple.  I have tried so many things now that going to therapy is kind of the real last effort to get in under control.  It is not a process that comes naturally to me.  Thinking self affirming thoughts and working on the how and why I feel for everything is actually very difficult.  In the past I never really paid to much attention to these things thinking that I could get by without it, but as with anything, therapy takes work.  It is going to be more difficult for me to repeat affirmations at regular intervals then it would to climb a mountain (literally!)  I have another session next Saturday and then will move to every other week for awhile and see how it goes.  I will keep you all up to date.  If I do find the magic bullet I will let you know ASAP!  I PROMISE!

Thursday, Friday and now Saturday evening have not been the best for food.  My usual patterns have repeated twice now with small binges on Friday and now Saturday night.  Yes, that is right I went to therapy and then had some pizza.  If my wife reads this I will have to remind her that I do not think this is throwing money away. =)  Anyway, my breakfast has been yogurt, honey and granola all three days.  Lunch on Thursday was Cracker Barrel once again, three nice grilled chicken tenders, side salad and a baked potato.  My lunch on Friday was a french dip sandwich at the pool with my wife and daughter.  That was a great day to be at the pool and I was glad I had options other then pizza and fried stuff.  Saturday’s lunch was a spaghetti with meat sauce and two breadsticks from Fazoli’s.  Not a great option, and only made worse by the pizza I ate at night.

New week, coming up though and Louis called and left a message about a certain chalenge I had mentioned.  I think it is time to bring more competition into this and get serious again so I can at least get another 30-40 pounds out of the way and have these issues in a different pant size.

Working out has not been the best, but I have still been moving. On Thursday I did a 45 minute treading cardio session which is essentially cardio interval training. That was a good sweating session. Friday we ended up sleeping in so I was pressed for time and we did a 50 minute fast paced walk around our neighborhood (and I was pushing our daughter.) It was a good sweat, but not what I am used to as far as intensity level. Saturday I was a complete bum and took the day off. I do plan to do kettlebells on Sunday, we shall see who that goes!

Hope your weekends are going better than mine so far.

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