Journal Update: Monday through Wednesday, not much, but enough happening!

June 16, 2011

Sorry for being radio silent for so long, but I have been actually doing a decent bit of activities with the family.  My son is at his father’s (ok I guess he is my stepson) so I have been with just one child to play around with this week and I had forgotten how much easier one is to handle.  On Monday we went to a friends and played in the backyard, Tuesday we went to the pool and drove around running errands at stores, and on Wednesday we worked on my homework for my programming class.  It has been a great few days to bond with my two year old daughter, and I have been in great spirits all week.

My biggest and most exciting news of the week was getting in my new iMac 27 inch monster computer.  It is mostly so that I can work on courses for iPad and iPhone software development and maybe work on some graphics and videos for the blog.  I am very excited and setting it up has added quite an air of professionalism to my home office.  My wife actually took a video of me doing a turkey chili demonstration and I am going to play around with that.  I am not sure if I am going to post it since it will be very amateurish, but I wanted to see what logistics were involved in presenting a cooking demonstration via video.  So much is actually involved it is intimidating.

In other news I have joined an online workout and weigh in challenge at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans website/community.  Being a guy makes me somewhat of an outlier there, but there are a few of us.  Regardless of our sexes we all have the same goals and need the same support and I am really enjoying the  community they have created.  Some of the people from that site were at Fitbloggin and I was very impressed with them overall.  The challenge is broken down into teams, I am on team 12 with Jennifer J (@passingleft), Jill G. (@ginny212), TrishB (@TrishB), and Lora Leigh Brown (@mommy2rjb).  The challenge is 11 weeks long and is called the Burst into Summer challenge.  I will essentially be trying to lose weight, stay hydrated and participate in online bootcamp workouts a few times a week.  I am pretty excited, and did the weigh in yesterday, clocked in at 296.  Only one way to go from that weight right? RIGHT!

Finally to the reason I do this blog, I will briefly talk about my workouts and eating this week.  As far as eating has gone this week I have done really well in the mornings and at lunch, having clean healthy foods.  I did go to Cracker Barrel with my daughter on Tuesday, but she is a big fan and I usually can get the grilled chicken and a baked potato and do just fine there.  My evenings have seen me drinking some mojitos and other delicious sugar filled alcoholic beverages thanks to all the fresh mint in our garden!  Yum!  I have been out to eat at a mexican place (but stuck to my 2 corn tortilla chicken fajitas!)  Overall I would give my eating a C-.  I need to work on it more, but I am finding it easier to be good and to not binge.  That is such a key for me.  Just not binging could cause me to lose a pound a week given how much I exercise.

Speaking of exercise, I have done great so far this week.  On Monday and Tuesday I had training sessions with Mary and we focused on core and some cardio interval training.  My abs are still sore on Thursday, as are my triceps!   I am glad I have someone to make me focus on the muscles and things I would ignore.  It is a blessing that I am able to afford a trainer to help me with my journey.  On Wednesday since I had no trainer session my wife and I went out to the local arboretum (Hayes Arboretum) and hiked their three trails (adds up to 3 miles.)  I was pleasantly surprised about the trails as they had some good inclines which I was not expecting in this mostly flat state of Indiana.  I will be heading out there much more, and kudos for my wife for encouraging me.  I have told her several times this week how glad I am she is so supportive in both this business venture and my overall fitness planning/goals.

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  • 1. Jennifer J  |  June 16, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    Cocktails are my downfall too! Thanks for the shout out and here’s to ending the week on a good note!

  • 2. Trish  |  June 16, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    I am just tickled that you are on our team! You are a busy guy and I have to say that you have the best supporter in your wife. My hubz really is my rock. Go Team 12!


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