Journal Update: Not too much going on

June 13, 2011

This was kind of a laid back weekend really. I mostly did housework on Saturday and drove my daughter around on some errands. It was very productive and not stressful in any way. I did get to go see Super 8 again with my friends on Saturday and it was once again great. Picked up on some more stuff during the second viewing.

As far as food went on Saturday and Sunday I had my usual granola, honey and 0% greek yogurt. Lunch on Saturday was two corn tortillas, fresh salsa, veggie cheese and grilled chicken. Dinner was a date with my wife and I had a chicken breast with a morel sauce, some lobster bisque, bread and french potatoes. It was not the mostly health, but far from the worst choice. I did eat some chicken tenders late after the movie with friends and BW3s… naughty naughty. On Sunday my lunch was greek grilled chicken (with tzatsiki sauce) which was super good. Dinner on Sunday was kind of bad and consisted of lobster bisque and eggplant Parmesan. We went out to eat with friends and I had pasta and cheese once again. We are having some overlapping friends stuff going on so I have not been too on point. The scale is not going to bulge on Monday, that is a guarantee.

My workouts this weekend were decent, I did a 30 minute kettlebell session on Saturday, and Sunday I went on a very brisk 45 minute walk with my wife around a decently inclined neighborhood. The weather was gorgeous here this weekend.

That is about it for the weekend, hopefully I will get some nice new content up for you all this week. Keep working out and pushing yourselves,


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