Journal Update: Wow it is already Thursday!

June 9, 2011

This week has been going fairly well. I am down three pounds in the last two days (getting closer to my low weight again!) This last little vacation caused me to gain two pounds but they dropped off fast. By this time next week I am going to be in the 280s. That is the goal, and so it shall be. It has been far too long and I am ready to actually to get it done.

I recently started a Java programming class as I try to start getting for the next phase of my fitness/business journey. My degree is in Computer Science but I have done 0 programming in about a decade so I am crazy rusty at it. Our local community college offers classes on the Java language and I am wanting to get more into the newer style of coding so I can develop applications for both android and apple devices that are fitness related. If anyone has any idea they want to share I am all ears for what you are looking for. It is going to be a long process but I am happy to at least get started with my first week of classes.

I am also going to be taking some free online courses on iOS programming (apple devices) and in order to actually program I am going to have to do something that was inconceivable in college… Buy a Mac! I also plan on doing some really basic how-to cooking videos so I will be using it for that as well.

So many ideas and so many kids = so many things not getting finished. These are all goals, but I have to keep weightloss as my central focus. I have a problem over extending myself and hope I am not doing so now. I have dropped off studying for my ACSM right now just because I will not be training people as a fat guy. Practice what I preach!

I have not “binged” in the last 5-6 days and that is a good thing. My appointment with a shrink is scheduled for the 18th of June and I will be posting that process as well. I feel the more I share the more I may be able to help others going through similar experiences. It is so hard to explain to people that you lose control of eating. It seems so elementary to put down the candy, but in practice it just doesn’t work that way. I am a fairly self aware individual and have been fairly successful in the “real” world in everything except in completely controlling my food intake. You could say I have had major success there in that I have lost 100 pounds almost 3 times now. Keeping it off and working on the bingeing is the toughest thing I have ever done.

Anyway, so far today I have been to the personal trainer for an hour and at least done some work on the blog, right? I have had two corn tortilla egg tacos for breakfast and just had a quick suped up Lean Cuisine meal for lunch. Dinner is going to be greek kebobs with pita, homemade hummus and cucumber sauce! Yumo as Rachel Ray would say. I am excited to use the grill.

Anyway, for all those out there trying to be good today, stay focus and get it done. Good luck!


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