Journal Update: Training and on plan!

May 31, 2011

Well I have some good news to report.  I have finally (knock on wood) put together a good day.  This morning I had forgotten my trainer was not coming till 10AM and I showed up at 9AM.  So I ended up doing a Mountain class on the treadmill(that is 12, 3 minute intervals going up the mountiain, and then you are done at the top.)  About ten minutes in I remembered she was going to be showing up at 10 and just kept going.  When my trainer arrived we did some time on the elliptical, which was much easier then I remembered it being, and then we did some core work.  It is good to be doing things I would not normally do, and I need to push it a little more.  I know I have a reserve tank and I should be using it up during these sessions.

So far today I have been good with food.  I had a Kind bar and milk for breakfast.  I have had a couple of iced coffees today at Starbucks.  Lunch was at the pool with the kids, but I had a caesar salad wrap while they had kid pool food.  Tonight my plan is to go to Chipotle and have a chicken with black bean salad (no cheese, sour cream or corn.)  That will definitely be the best day I have had in awhile.  Yesterday I did well too with my food and did not binge like crazy at night.

All in all things are looking better and with the trip to LA coming up I plan to get some hikes in, and make it a fitness vacation.  Good times!

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