Journal Update: Back into the breach!

May 26, 2011

I little bit of paperwork left over from yesterday, I did end up having a baked potato, Laura’s Lean Beef Meatloaf (this was something I am working on a review for and my son requested it again!) and some green beans for dinner. I did eat more after dinner than I should. I had a Lara Bar and a Kind Bar, but that is so much better then fast food I will take it!

I went to my doctor yesterday and my blood pressure was at 122 over 74! She is also recommending some things to help with my anxiety that is causing so many of my night eating issues (I think!) and we shall see how that goes.

Ok, now onto today 5/26/2011!

So far today has been great.  I had a couple of kind bars and a glass of milk for a big breakfast before I went to my personal training session with Mary.  Post training session so far I have had a Naked berry blast drink at Starbucks and some coffee.  It was an expensive drink to have but I found I had a craving for it and I will work it into my calories for the day.

My training session was good, we started out with a warm up on the treadmill and then went and did some spinning bike work.  I have only ever been on the spin bike once and it was for a whole class and my rear paid the price for it for two days.  It is good for me to try it out again though.  I need to get some variation into my workouts.  After that we did some cardio interval work on the treadmill and then went down to the weight room.  We worked with some dumbells on some single sets for back, shoulder, chest and a little back.  After that it was a little core work and stretching.  At the end my shirt was soaked and I could feel some muscle soreness.  I think the changing things up and getting out of my comfort zone is going to be great.  Plus I still have time to work on my own running and kettlebell stuff.

I have been spending a ton of time trying to figure out where and how to focus on new content for the blog.  What do you all (not even sure you have read this far!) want?  Video recipe demos, my own recipes, modified existing recipes, quick fix recipes, book reviews, reciple reviews, fitness tool reviews, diet food/product reviews?  Feel free to comment, I think I am doing to post some of my own recipes and some modified product recipes and still do a few reviews.  Would you all be interested in well done cooking demonstrations?  Let me know in comments!

Time to get on with my day, kids and all!

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Today (and yesterday too) is a good day! What does the Screaming Belt Loop even mean?

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