Book Review: Now Eat This! DIET, by Rocco Dispirto

May 19, 2011


The Now Eat This! DIET recently published by Rocco Dispirto is like many diet books in the beginning.  Rocco relates his experience gaining and losing weight, and sets out to show the readers how he got past it and what he has to share.  The book outlines some basic principles of the calories in versus calories out diet, but it does it in a very well organized way.

You can tell Rocco has taken a good bit of time on designing the layout of the book to allow people to easily access the information.  The recipes are all organized by meal and different calorie ranges in different colors.  This allows the reader to choose recipes in the right calorie range and lay them out throughout the day as Rocco recommends (3 small meals, 3 snacks.)  It is a very standard diet, but what sets it apart are the recipes.

The book has some great looking recipes, that I have yet to make.  I will be following the diet myself for two weeks once I am back from my current trip.  As someone that cooks quite a bit and has read many recipes I can tell just by looking at many of the recipes and ingredients that an amazing amount of time has gone into making them work.  I have high hopes for the food.

As far as the diet itself the book  has a fast track plan (1200 calories/women 1400 calories/men) and a Lifestyle plan (1400 calories/women 1600 calories/men.)  The macronutrient ratios of the diets break down to 25.9% fat, 26.4% lean protein and 47.6% calories from carbohydates.  The food maximizes complex carbohydrates and advocates using lean meats.

The books also features a sample diet for the fast track plan was well as a grocery list to get you through it.  That is a very handy tool to help someone get grounded in the new habits needs to start a healthy lifestyle.


Even though the diet itself is a very common calorie in/calories out diet it is presented in a very organized and elegant way.  This book allows someone to prepare quality foods and prepare them in quantities that will allow from a very healthy living style.  The books will be great for novices to experts given the level of detail in the recipes and the shopping lists.  Most importantly the book passes my, “I would recommend this to a friend,” test.

Feel free to follow me as I prepare food and follow the plan for two weeks.

Overall Book rating: 9.1/10

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