Vacation Day 4: Mostly a casual day…

April 29, 2011


It was a stay at the timeshare kind of day.  We woke up, went to the pool, I went to Starbucks to write and the kids took a nap.  At night was went to the pool again and ordered some more Giordanos pizza (soooo hard to be good with that here.)  I loved days like that since I am not a crowds type person so it was great.

I have failed to mention on the blog amidst all my problems I have been having that I am down to a 42 pants size.  My ultimate goal is just to get to 38 where I was in high school.  I started out in December at a 48 (my worst ever was 52.)  I know this because Jen and I went to Kohls and I got to buy new shorts and a new pair of jeans.  The ones I was wearing were 46 and to go straight to 42 was awesome.  It felt really good and that happened about two weeks  ago.  I do not think I mentioned it at all, and it was kind of a huge deal.  Shows where my head has been of late.  I am still not being perfect, but I am on vacation.

One good thing I have done this vacation is stop my weight gain.  I lost a belt loop I had just recently go back last week and this week, despite being on vacation, I have my belt loop back.  Only one more on this belt till I have to get a new belt.  That in itself is exciting and positive.

Another good thing to report is I bought my plane tickets and my rental car for Fitbloggin.  It is going to be a busy May and June as far as traveling goes.  I am excited since I will be staying with my friend Dave, and hopefully I will catch up with Louis who is there in DC.


No kettlebells today s ince my legs were a bit sore and I never know how far we are going to walk on these days here in Orlando.  Traversing Disney while sore in my legs would make it a very unhappy day.  Jen and I did some laps in the pool alternating with each other all the way across and back.  The pool here is crazy long so it was a decent little cardio spike.  Still not too much all in all.  Tomorrow night is kettlebells again.


Well breakfast started out right, Kind bar and milk!  Lunch was two turkey sandwiches on those 100 calories arnold buns.  They have this turkey breast here at Publix in Orlando called Salsalito and I have craved it for two years!  I loved those sandwiches!  I had a few oven baked fries as well with them.  I was really bad at dinner, two pieces of Giordanos pizza and Jen and I split some ice cream afterwards.  I still feel better this week then last since I am on vacation and making choices rather then just giving in.  It just feel different.  I will definitely have to put in some serious workouts next week ahead of the derby and then again before fitbloggin!

No new pictures today!

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  • 1. Kent Moeller  |  April 29, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    MMMMMMMMMMMM……Giordanos. You are KILLING me buddy. I’ll never forget the passion in your eyes when you were describing it to me in Malibu.


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