Vacation Day 3: Doing better, even in Orlando…

April 28, 2011


Another great day in Orlando, and today it was pool day!  We spent the majority of the morning in the pool.  I was allowed to leave about half way through to go write my blog entry yesterday at Starbucks.  I also used that time to run by the grocery and get some more lunch meat and other stuff to eat in the room.

I did well with food and worked out and we had a great time.  In the evening we did the family trip to T-Rex Cafe in downtown disney.  The food was ok and once the kids stopped being afraid of the Tyrannosaur at the entrance things went swimmingly.  After that we went to the lego store and we all got some toys.  I got a jet that I will put together Thursday night or so and show off on this blog since I have some dork tendencies.


Nothing to measure it with.


Well I did go swimming today with the kids, but it was not very intense at all.  However, I did 30 minutes of kettlebells at night and got a great sweat going.  I am sure it was a 450+ calories burn.  I am so glad I managed to make myself workout on vacation.


For breakfast I had a homemade egg sandwich with two pieces of lean bacon and a teaspoon of light mayo.  Lunch was a turkey sandwich from the timeshare cafe and some popchips.  Finally, dinner was tomato basil soup and a half roasted chicken with a side of vegetables.  For some reason the disney catering services loves them some roast chicken.  All good to me, no skin, all white.


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