Vacation Days 1 and 2: Getting back on, but still on vacation

April 27, 2011


Ok so this is not the ideal time to try to get back on the horse as far as diets go.  Being in Orlando on a family vacation with my father in law here as well has some challenges when it comes to eating and eating out.  I am proud to say that since I lived here in Orlando for 3 years I was all about going to Publix and getting some sandwich stuff and fruit.  We also brought kind bars and popchips.

The drive down was bad as far as food went, and that night I did have Giordanos pizza which is one of my favorite things in the world to eat.  I had two pieces which is quite a bit of food.  In the past I have had 3ish so at least I did better by a little.   I have addicted my family to this pizza because it is the best type by far.  I am not biased I just know my food people.  The next day we went to Magic Kingdom and I made some better choices.

I feel good about where I am at now, I have not done too much damage as far as weight and size go, I have slowed my progress down.  I guess these things happen, I sometimes wonder if Sam and other contestants like him on the Biggest Loser have weeks like this at times.  It is so hard to imagine they do.


So far we have been to the pool but playing with the kids at this age is not the most aerobic activity in the water.

On day two we walked around 10000+ steps at Disney easy.  This is where I really miss my fitbit.

I brought my two kettlebells with me and the plan is to workout on Wednesday and do a serious kettlebell session.  My wife wants to join me, but I am afraid she is going to get crazy sore and upset when she goes to Seaworld!


Vacation Day 1 was a wash.  Breakfast was leftover easter candy, lunch was at 2pm at McDonalds (big mac attack! ACK!) and dinner was two pieces of Giordanos.

Day 2 was better, I had a kind bar and a glass of milk for breakfast.  Lunch was at Disney and I had half  a roast chicken, green beans (they were shiny though) and a small portion of mashed potatoes.  Dinner was a leftover piece of Giordanos and 7 pieces of sushi.  It was not a perfect day, but it is getting there and I feel good about making some better choices.  A good workout in and a great day behind me and things will feel back to normal.  I need to kick it in high gear before Louis laps me!


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  • 1. Megan R  |  April 28, 2011 at 12:27 am

    Hey there Dwayne!
    We all have our weeks! Even trainers need to pick eachother up! I hope you have a fun vacation!

    Just remember….MODERATION!


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