Day 7 through 13 at home: Catching and keeping up, oh and sorry it has been so long!

April 23, 2011

Not going to use the typical format so that I can once again catch everyone up. It has been far from a perfect little stretch here as far as eating has gone, but the workouts have been going from good to great. I have started doing every other day kettlebell sessions and doing 50 reps and about 5-8 sets of 2 handed swings mixed in with some one handed swings and some modified squats. On top of that I have been doing some single treadings again. When I get back from Orlando in about 10 days I will be getting back on the couch to 5k wagon to prepare myself for fitbloggin.

My food choice has been spotting the last several days for various reasons ranging from depression to turning 25 on the 19th. I think turning 35 and some other things have been spinning my mind around a bit.  No real excuses except losing focus though.  I must do better too much and too many people depend on it.

I have been editting this post so long another two days have past!  The time is flying.  I just went to Keeneland with some old friends and ate a hot dog and some Kentucky Burgoo…  Good stuff but definitely not on my plan.  It is Saturday the 23rd of April, and tomorrow night I head to Disney World for 7 days with my wife and kids.  It is going to be a good time, but I am going to try to find a way to workout with my wife.  Whether that is jogging around the timeshare or the kettlebells I bring I have to stay on the workout because staying on diet is going to be tough.  We are staying in a place with a kitchen and I lived in Orlando for quite a while so I plan on doing some grocery shopping, but I know that Giordanos deep dish pizza will be calling one night.

My goal over the next 9 days is to maintain the weight I have lost (lose back down to 290 at this point) and keep myself in the habit of working out.  This has been a larger speed bump then planned and I apologize to all of you who read the site that I have not tracked it better.  It eventually becomes part of the problem the amount of time you have waited to update something like this, so from here on in I will be more on it. I promise to document the Disney experience good or bad.  Hope everyone else is still focused and on plan.  I know Louis is!

Onwards we go…

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