At home day 6: An evening with friends

April 16, 2011


It was a good day all in all.  I was not perfect, but not too terribly bad.  I went to workout with my wife today and we decided to hike the cardinal greenway that is right next to the gym instead.  It was pretty but a little cold.  Glad for the change of pace the treadmill gets very old at times.  You have to love the wonderful artist in Richmond that did that to the sign for the greenway entrance.

At night I went out with some friends to Applebees and was good for the most part, the bad thing was the M&Ms I had at the movies, but it was a choice not a binge so that was good.


Watch calories burned on hike: 523 calories


As mentioned above we hiked the Cardinal Greenway and went about 5.2 miles with an average pace of 4.2 MPH.  We jogged part of it and walked the rest.  It was pretty cold and both of us had some problems adjusting to that while jogging.  We still moved along at a decent clip and got some distance and a good calorie burn.  All in all it was a win.  No hills, but we will try to find some.  It is 60+ miles of trail there has to be a hill somewhere!


Breakfast was coffee and a kind bar as usual these days!  Lunch was at Cracker Barrel once again.  I had a double order of green beans, a salad with blue cheese on the side and grilled chicken.  Dinner was at Applebees and I had the NY Strip steak with broccoli and a plain baked potato.  After dinner I had a coke zero and a bag of M&Ms at the movies.  Decent day, higher then I would have liked, but that is life.

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