At home day 5: Things are looking up…

April 15, 2011

Comments/Thoughts: (Thursday 4/14/11)

Well as mentioned in the last post when I weighed this morning I was down to 290.2.  I am getting close to my all time low for this half of my life which is 279/280.   Some great things the I have noticed is fitting in my old suit and I am down to the second to last hole on my belt (yes the one in the picture at the top of the site.)

I worked out today and did a good job with food.  I am still not working out at the level I was at the resort, or before I left, but I am still going through the motions which is helping me keep my good habits up.

All in all I feel in control again and am moving forward.  I have some challenges coming up, the first being a trip to disney world for a week at the end of this month.  My wife and I have already started discussing how we are going to eat what we want by staggering healthy/unhealthy eating.  We have also already started talking about how we are going to be able to get our runs in.


Watch calories burned:

Treading: 515 calories


Today I went to the gym and did a simple treading class and then walked for another 15 minutes.  It was my bare minimum workout, but I got it done and that is what counts.  I am getting more ambitious daily, especially when I watch Louis’ videos of his daily workouts.  That is some inspiration!


I had a Kind bar and coffee for breakfast which was great as usual.  Lunch was chili with some cheese in it.  Dinner was a bit extravagant since my wife had a bad day and wanted something “bad” I made turkey chili cheese fries for us and we split it.  It was good, probably 800-900 calories, but I would still be less than 2000 for the day.


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