At Home Day 4, Wednesday: Things are going better, whew!

April 14, 2011


I have survived the storm that was the beginning of the week.  This is definitely a hump day to remember.  I am back on track and things are looking up.  It was not a great workout day, and I did eat out twice, but I was in control the entire time.  I had felt like I had lost control there for a bit, but things are getting back to normal.

Today I had a nice break from the kids since Jack was in school and Katie was at parents morning out.  I thought I would be working out a bit today, but I met some friends at Starbucks before I went to the gym and we all just caught up and decided to go have some Mexican for lunch.  I love going to Mexican restaurants now that I feel comfortable just having two corn tortillas and my chicken fajita fixings.  It is a great meal with not too much guilt.  I had 3 chips and salsa (not three baskets like the old days) and was proud of myself for that.  It felt good to be with friends and comfortable with myself and my eating.  Even though I did not get to workout I still felt like I made some good progress today.

I had planned to go to our evening gym session since they have child care, but my wife called and reminded me that my son had his first soccer practice…  Well so today was a no gym day, but that did not bother me too much.  I know I am going tomorrow and feel back on the winning side of things.


None really to record


Kid chasing and house cleaning are the extent


Breakfast was a kind bar and coffee from Starbucks.  Lunch was two corn tortillas and chicken fajitas.  Dinner was spaghetti at Fazolis and some of the kids leftover cheese pizza.  I did the calorie counting and I was still at 1900 calories for the day.  Less than the 2000 max I set for myself.  A little more than usual, but definitely heading in the right direction.


No new updates for this week yet.

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  • 1. Megan R  |  April 15, 2011 at 12:34 am

    Good to hear that you feel like “you are surviving”…. You will BE IN CONTROL OF THIS!!! You know it!


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