11 days till resort: Wow time flies when you are struggling.

March 24, 2011

Comments/Thoughts: (Wednesday 3/23/2011)

Not the worst day, not the best day, these are the days of changing my life.  I had a good day mentally since I got to hang out with a couple of friends all morning.  We went to have coffee at two different places and ended up going to eat at a Mexican place for lunch (I was good.)  It was a nice break from my typical stay at home dad day.  They are both stay at home dads as well so it is good to be able to have people that understand you can vent to.  My only problem is that I did not go to the gym.  So no formal exercise, but I will elucidate on the non formal exercising later. =)

I have really been enjoying my support network that is being established on twitter.  In the morning I was feeling bad about eating out the night before and I had someone there for me in the morning to help me learn what lessons I could an move on.  She helped talk me down from my little mental binge cliff that was already starting out as I made myself anxious and stressed over messing up.  If you do not like or understand twitter you can really be missing out.  So many people are there to help you in little 140 character ways.


My fitbit #fitstats for 3/23/2011: 8,057 steps and 3.7 miles traveled.http://www.fitbit.com/user/22B6S6

No watch statistics


Not a bad day of 8057 steps without going to the gym…  How did I do it?  Well I must have walked up and down our stairs 10-15 times carrying heavy loads of desk/shelves/cabinet parts to put together our office.  I did not go to the gym yesterday, but I did get quite a workout in.  I was sweating and moving around for a big portion of the day so I do not feel that bad about it.  One thing I do worry about is not being ready for the 5K Sam is going to put me through when I get to the resort.  So little time left to prepare!


Breakfast was an english muffin with egg whites from Tim Hortons…  Beware they put cheese and canadian bacon on it!  Argh that was frustrating.  Why would I order egg whites if I wanted all that other crap on it?!  Lunch was three corn tortillas and chicken fajita fillers.  Good stuff and I only had 2 chips!  Big progress for me at a Mexican restaurant.  I had a couple of KIND bars for snacks and dinner was a turkey burger, popchips and a little corn and peas.  Overall I probably hit the 2000 calorie mark today, but compared to my mess up yesterday I feel like I am getting back in the swing of things.


No no updates  sorry!!!!

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