12 days till resort: Off the wagon and on the wagon

March 23, 2011

Comments/Thoughts (Tuesday 3/22/11):

Not going to dwell on it but last night I ate dinner to avoid eating out when we went to a birthday party out of town.  Well that plan backfired as I ate off of a couple of appetizers and a small piece of birthday cake.  I am once again disappointed and it seem like my blog is becoming a pattern of unhealthy choices rather than healthy.

I did work out, and finished my 25 minute run which was great.  I am moving on to week 7 day 1 tomorrow.  Sam messaged me to let me know that I will be running a 5k when I get back to the resort the first week of april.  I am actually excited about that.  I always get pushed there which is something I love.


Fitbit stat is off since I did not wear it during my job. =/

Watch stats: 560 calories burned:


Jogged 25 minutes for my couch to 5k and walked another 30 minutes.  Good workout.


Breakfast was two luna bars and milk (80 calories luna bars!)  Lunch was a frozen Kashi meal and a bag of popchips (120 calories.)  My pre going out dinner was a turkey burger on an arnold bun, broccoli and a plain baked potato.  Once I got to the bar I messed up and had mussels, 3 pieces of a lavosh (pizza) with spinach and artichokes, and a sliver of birthday cake.  UGH!


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  • 1. MeganN  |  March 23, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    I think your blog is great! I’ve enjoyed reading it, it is inspiring and it seems to me like you make great choices for the most part! Keep it up and for the record, I think your blog is one of the first I’ve ever really thought was worth following :)

  • 2. Dwayne Phillips  |  March 23, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    Thanks for reading, glad you enjoy it. I am working on getting things more in line. A work in progress as they say. :)


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