13 days till resort: Great night out with the wife

March 22, 2011


Today started off on a little of an annoyance note considering I could not finish my week 6 day 3 couch to 5k workout.  I was supposed to run for 25 minutes straight and only made it to 20 before I had to take a 2 minute break.  It was disappointing, but I will try it again tomorrow.  I may have to lower the speed down, but I barely feel like I am running as is when it is just at 5mph on the treadmill.

The good part of the day was when I was able to go out on a date with my wife.  We went out to the movies first and saw Limitless which I highly recommend.  I am not sure how I liked the end, but overall it kept me enthralled throughout and was kind of refreshing to get lost in a movie.  My wife loved it as well and I do not think she was expecting much at all.  I am a sucker for Robert Deniro and the thriller aspect of the movie was good.  The action was pretty much constant which is what I look for in a movie like this.

Afterwards we ate at Texas Roadhouse where I stayed pretty true to my healthy eating and was happy overall.  Afterwards we went to Starbucks and finished planning out our vacations/work trips for the rest of the year.  I get to go back back to the resort in December for 2 weeks, but we decided that this time I would go to Utah to review a different location.  It is tough because I love the people in Malibu, but I am sure I will meet some great ones in Utah since that is where it all began right? =)


My fitbit #fitstats for 3/21/2011: 10,054 steps and 6 miles traveled.http://www.fitbit.com/user/22B6S6

My watch was not on, sorry!


Did the couch to 5k day 3 of week 6.  I also walked another 30 minutes afterwards.  Decent workout, gotta get some kettlebells in there!


Breakfast was eggs, arnold flat bread, and bacon.  Lunch was an arnold flat bun with 5 mini turkey meatballs and marinara with some veggie cheese on it.  I also had a great bowl of soup from a box that was a corn chipotle bisque.  One of my current favorites.  Dinner with my wife was an 8oz filet of beef, plain baked potato and a salad with blue cheese on the side (1TBSP.)  Great food day all in all.




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