In the News: WHO: Epidemics of Underweight and Overweight Growing

March 18, 2011

Very interesting article about the problems in all countries, developed and developing, of the availability of high processed sugar and fat products.  It is amazing that both problems of under and over nutrition are happening in the same places!

Professor of nutrition at Cornell University, Rebecca Stoltzfus, said the overweight and obesity epidemics are now present in every country in the world. She said the conditions of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and being overweight and obese, are related in multiple ways.

“The kinds of diets that lead children to become overweight – the high sugar, high fat diets – tend to be relatively low in essential vitamins and minerals. But, secondly, there is evidence emerging that the condition of overweight or obesity also changes one’s metabolism of key minerals, such as iron, so that obese individuals do not absorb and metabolize iron normally,” said Stoltzfus.

Click here to see the whole article.

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