Food Review: Biggest Loser Simply Sensible Zing Chicken

March 9, 2011


The Zing Chicken is found in the meat section in my Kroger store in Richmond, IN.  It is found with the precooked food section near the BBQ, meats and mashed potatoes.  The box is rife with Biggest Loser marketing images, and very visually appealing.  There are two servings each 230 calories so it is prefect to have with a spouse or friend.



The outside packaging looks great, the marketing people did a great job.  There is very little wasted space which is good environmentally I imagine.  The inside contains two plastic packages.  The first contains the sauce and chicken, and the second contains the brown rice.  One complaint I have is that you are required to vent the food yourself which is messy for the sauce package, and you need to cook them separately.  A self venting package like many others have for veggies and sauces would have made this product much better as far as cooking ease of cleanup is concerned.  Otherwise it is very well done and appealing packaging.


The taste is what your would expect, it has that asian sweet fast cooked flavor that is very common if you have had any asian microwave meals.  That is not to say it is bad, just average.  The portion size is decent, and the back of the meal recommends a cup of veggies to accompany it, and I believe you will need it.  I added some asian hot sauce and liquid aminos (soy sauce) as well as some pepper.  Next time I will add some vinegar because the sweetness is a bit cloying and over the top.  I would eat this again, but only after some modifying.


As mentioned above the portion size is one cup of brown rice and chicken/sauce.  It is a decent portion, but you will definitely want some more.  I had broccoli and cashew ginger carrot soup and the meal was great.  Alone it would not have filled me up.

Cooking Time:

The total cooking time is 4-6 minutes total and you have to cook the packages separately which is a little annoying.  It is fast, but a little messy.  I recommend assembling and mixing the packages together before portioning out.

Ingredient Notes:

I had to look up both corn syrup (vs High Fructose Corn Syrup) and erythritol that were on the ingredient list.  As I thought the corn syrup is not as horrible as the HFCS because it is dextrose as opposed to fructose. That being said it is still sugar, but at least they stayed away from the high fructose.  Erythritol, I was pleased to find out, is the chemical name for stevia which is one of the better artificial sweeteners in my opinion.  Notice that sugar and corn syrup are the 2nd and 3rd ingredient in the list of sauce ingredients.  That is typical these days as companies try to make the food look like it contains less SUGAR.  I do not like that and wish a biggest loser associated product was a little more honest.  That being said, this is better than most other healthy precooked meals so I would still use it again in a pinch.

Overall Rating out of a possible 4 stars:

2.75 out of 4, the taste, the non self venting packaging, messiness and ingredient shuffling take a bit away from the product.  I would still recommend it in a pinch on a night you would rather not make your own foods.  However, you still need to make something to accompany this.

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