Day 24 post resort, Still in Phoenix and survived climbing Piestewa peak, my anniversary, and spicy southwestern cuisine.

March 4, 2011


I did a 1.2 mile vertical climb of Piestewa peak today around 8am, and it wasPiestewa Peak great, and fairly difficult.  Most of the hikes I did at the resort were a good incline, but not up uneven rock stairs.  I burned around 1300 calories on the hike and was at it over an hour and a half up and back.  Really great feeling of accomplishment once I did it.  Made me feel a little better about how I have been eating my dinners out here.

Today was my three year anniversary with my beautiful wife Jennifer.  She was in her conference until around 2pm so I hit the floral shop and got her a nice flower arrangement.  We went out to a place here in Phoenix called Rockerij, and it was amazing.  It was casual and southwestern/New Mexico style cuisine.  I was very bad, and I will admit to it.  We truly enjoyed our food and company and then we went and did some nice shopping in Scottsdale.  I got some new clothes and was pleased at how they fit.  I had given my wife a nice Marc Jacobs purse already for her valentine/anniversary/birthday present.  My present will be a new Ipad 2 in a week so I made out pretty well.

We did make it to the pool, but it was definitely relaxing and not exercise related.  I am going to bust my hump up that mountain again tomorrow to make up for this eating!  I will be good on Friday, I totally promise.  This site is not supposed to be a food porn site for those trying to be inspired.



My fitbit is not syncing till I get home, will post all of the stats when I am back.

Watch calories burned: 1380 calories burned!  Quite a hike!


Well my exercise consisted of a hike straight up Piestewa and I burned roughly 1380 calories doing it.  Fantastic and beautiful.  I am posting a ton of pictures in a slideshow below.  It will be beneath my usual slideshow of the week foods and whatnots.  I also got quite a workout shopping believe it or not as I walked around 2 different malls for hours exploring the shopping scene here in Phoenix and Scottsdale.  Great place, really enjoying it here and it is great to be active outside.  Spring in Indiana can not come soon enough.


Breakfast was a cup of nonfat plain yogurt with berries and granola.  Lunch was a 420 calories tarragon chicken salad sandwich at Starbucks.  Dinner is where it all goes crazy!  We went to a place called Rockerij and I am a sucker for new cuisine which southwestern is to me.  It was wonderful.  We shared a bowl of Pozole stew (made with red chiles) and a turkey chile relleno.  Then we each got our own meals and I had a jalapeno egg benedict with two turkey blue corn enchiladas and it was all smothered with red chile sauce and I love some tasty heat.  It was amazing.  We should have eaten less than half of what we did, but unhealthy choices are a part of life, have to get 90% healthy, 10% unhealthy.  Definitely need to re-balance the rest.


Here are the hiking Pictures:

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