At Home? On my way to Phoenix! Day 23 post biggest loser resort!

March 3, 2011

Comments/Thoughts: Well I hate to go to the airport, but once I am through security it is great!  I love to travel and going to Phoenix with my wife for a conference and it just happening to be our anniversary on the 3rd is great news!  The day went splendidly (up till the end, but more on that later) since we went in Indianapolis early to do our taxes and we are getting a refund (YAY! Not paying is good for us) and that just made the day even better.  Once we were through security it was smooth sailing with our nonstop flight.  Good news is that the flight was comfortable for a change with all the weight I have lost.  I used to need a seatbelt extender which was embarrassing but no more!  Jen even mentioned how much more room we had.  We got saddled with a chatter in our third seat who would talk to me across Jen who was watching a movie but such is life we survived! We are staying where her conference is at the Biltmore here in Phoenix.  It is the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed at and that is saying quite a bit.  It is gorgeous, and we mentioned that our anniversary was the third so we got a free villa upgrade!  Woo woo! Now for the downside, I made some very unhealthy choices at dinner.  We went to dinner with Jen’s co-workers and the bill was being footed by the hospital so it was a great place to eat.  I had way too much and then had dessert.  So much for waiting to cheat on our anniversary!  Argh, I am a little disappointed with how easy it was for me to cave in on this.  I am going to hike like a madman on Thursday!   Statistics: N/A Travel day, I will get my fitbit stats when I get back home and update these posts.  I did walk over 8000 steps throughout the day in the airports and stuff.  No gym time. Exercise: See Statistics section! Food: Well it was a bad food day.  We ate out every meal but I was not too bad till dinner.  Breakfast was a spinach, egg white and feta wrap at Starbucks.  For lunch we went to BD Mongolian BBQ and I had chicken and shrimp with stir fry and brown rice, and a cup of onion soup.  A big meal, but mostly health conscious.   We had a small bag of peanuts, a lorna doone 100 calorie pack of cookies, 12 dark chocolate covered almonds and half a bag of dried fruit trail mix on the flight out to Phoenix as well as a Kind Bar.  Dinner was where the real messing up was.  I had pan roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and brocolini, some bread, some mussels, and dessert.  The dessert was amazing, and beware here there are some real food porn images coming up.  No to the faint at heart.  We had chocolate lava cake with pistachio ice cream and we also had a profiderol from someone else that was at the table.  We split the stuff, but I was so stuffed it was ridiculous.  No excuses, all my choices.  I will do better and I will work it off tomorrow in the AM.  Word is bond! Pictures/Slideshow:
Beware, good food pics in there!

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At home day 22, Good workout, and last day before a mini vacation! Day 24 post resort, Still in Phoenix and survived climbing Piestewa peak, my anniversary, and spicy southwestern cuisine.

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