At home day 21, spending the day with the kids at home, and still finishing up with couch to 5k week 4 day 2!

February 28, 2011


Well today my wife worked from 7am till 4pm so it was me and the kids all day!  It was a fun day I got a blog post done and some household chores done.  I did not get to workout in the morning since there is no childcare at the gym on Sunday.  I ended up going to the gym with my wife after she got home, and we actually got a babysitter to do it.

I snacked quite a bit today and was not mindful of it.  That is a bad thing since I am not sure how much I ate, but I know it was not a binge so I am only annoyed with myself instead of full on disappointed.

I am going to Phoenix, AZ this week with my wife and really want to find out some information on hiking there, and/or healthy great spots to eat.  Anyone have information?


I walked 8,951 steps and 4.7 miles and burned 3,646 calories via my fitbit

Watch Calories Burned: 633 calories burned!


I went to the gym with my wife at 6pm Sunday, and had a good workout.  I did the couch to 5k week 4 day 2 and completed it successfully walking at 3 and running at 5mph.  I am proud to be doing it and hope to run an actual 5k outside when I have finished the program and the weather permits.  I did a 5 minute strength sprint at 15 incline and 3mph and then we called it a night.  Still burned some good calories!  Calling the babysitter was worth it to get away and destress!


Breakfast was eggs, english muffin and turkey sausage.  Lunch was leftover jambalaya with some bread and popchips.  Dinner was a crockpot chicken recipe I had for brown rice, mushrooms and chicken.  It was only ok, and now I have a ton of it!  DOH!  I snacked throughout the day and had two bare naked chocolate cookies with milk for dessert.  All in all not horrible, but not great.



Only added the Jambalaya picture so no need to link the album.


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