At home day 20, Biggest Loser casting call trip to Indianapolis, and ironically a “unhealthy” choice day

February 27, 2011


Well today I drove about an hour and half to the Biggest Loser casting call in Shelbyville, IN which is right outside Indianapolis.  The casting call was at a Casino/Racetrack and there was plenty of parking and a shuttle.  Everyone there had a smile on their face and had questions and comments over things they had heard about the casting call.  The vibe was very positive despite the thought we were all going to be standing in huge lines.

I was about an hour and a half early and was seated at a gambling table and was at table 28, once the tables were full they filled the rows of chairs in the center.  I was lucky to get there before all the tables were full and had a good number (216) since there were rumors that they only were seeing the first 500 people.  I will say that I only waited an hour and a half after they started the interview process so I think that rumor was false, I imagine they would have gotten through at least 1000 people and I am sure there were that many people there.  The place was packed, but everyone was in good humor. I spoke with my table for awhile and it was refreshing to hear their stories.

At the casting call a past Biggest Loser contestant was there signing autographs and give us all encouragement.  It was Allen from season 8, and I actually went and got a picture with him and spoke with him for a little bit.  It was amazing he saw me and said that he could tell I was already on my journey and I should keep it up.  That is such a great thing to hear from someone who has already been through their weightloss journey.  While I was in line with him a cameraman/reporter from WTHR 13 in Indianapolis came by and I told him about my experience at the resort and he gave me his card.  That was unexpected since I thought I might just get a quick shot on the nightly news, but he said that he could not get to it today, but that he might be able to get an interview with me another time and that I should email him to schedule something.   That would definitely be some great exposure for me, and I am excited about it.  Since I did not get called back for the casting call on Sunday the interview would be a definite plus for the trip.

After I spoke with Allen my table was called to line up for the interview and we were all very excited.  I was expecting a 1 to 2 minute interview one on one with a casting director, but that was just not in the cards.  I guess I should have known better considering how fast they have to go through people.  We were taken in as three groups to three different tables holding about 10 people in a U shape.  There was one casting director per table and she asked us all the same three questions as she went around and then we were done.  It went by in a blink, and I just wish I could have had some one on one time.  That is ok though because I really did this for networking, exposure and so I could know I had tried.  I knew that already having lost 60 pounds I was right at the limit of what they would expect, such a great problem to have huh?

I let the casting call and went to Sam’s Club to get some stuff for the house since we do not have one in my small town.  I was also lucky enough to get some Gumbo at Yats, and take home Sushi from Ichiban.  Today was my “unhealthy” choices eating day.  I am not allowed to call them cheat days, since it is not cheating, it is a choice of what to eat.  Anyway, it was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the end of the day.


I walked 5,307 steps and 2.5 miles and burned 3,288 calories via my fitbit

Watch Calories Burned: N/A I did no specific workout today other then walking.


Walking around the casino and stores.


For breakfast I had oatmeal at Starbucks as I left town for the casting call. Lunch was gumbo at Yats and a piece of garlic bread.  I also had a Kind bar while I was waiting for my interview.  Dinner was loads of amazing sushi with my wife and good friend Amid.  I should mention that on Friday night I went to see The Number Four and the movie was not that great, but I did have a small bag of M&Ms smuggled in from the outside so I would not eat the gigantic one they sell at the theatre.  I forgot to mention that in the food section yesterday so trying to keep myself honest.


First the pictures from the casting call:

And then my weekly pictures with pics of the food I ate:

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