First food review: Biggest Loser Simply Sensible Lasagna with Meat Sauce

February 25, 2011

Well I am looking to add some different kinds of content and I love cooking, and also love finding quick fix things to make life easier while raising the kids. I plan on posting recipes, but my first addition is going to be packaged food reviews for the stay at home dad or mom, or even the busy working parents out there. Getting your food and the kids food ready is challenging.

The first review will be of the Biggest Loser Simply Sensible Lasagna with Meat Sauce.   I found this food in my local Kroger store at the end of the meat isle where the pre-packaged BBQ and other meats are.  I have to say that the package kind of called out to me considering all the Biggest Loser stuff I have been into of late so I thought I would try it out.  The package contains two 200 calorie servings so I thought it would be a great quick meal for my wife and I.  The package contains a tray with a plastic sheet over it, and you simply put it in the microwave straight out of the box and the plastic film is self venting.  It takes six to eight minutes at 50% of your microwaves normal power.  You have to wait for one to two minutes to serve it to keep it from scalding you horribly.

Once the meal was cooled a little I took it out and cut   it in two and served it into two bowls.   I tried the  lasagna with nothing added  to it and though it tasted  decent the flavor was very mild.  I decided to add some freshly grated Parmesan cheese and some fresh cracked pepper.  After doing that my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We also had some soup and I added some veggies.  The portion looks big to the eyes, but the lasagna is only 1 layer deep so you do need to add something on the side.  Asparagus or steamed broccoli/cauliflower would go great.  I wish I had some fresh basil to add to it and I bet it would have been even better.  I would definitely recommend this if you are in a pinch for a quick meal for two.  The two hundred calories was completely worth it.  One thing to keep in mind is that the sodium is a little high, but not too bad.  If you need more salt flavor add more Parmesan.  Here are pictures of the ingredients and nutritional panel:


If you have any suggestions for foods to review, or on formats for the reviews please let me know in the comments.

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