At home day 18, Date night and one pound and one more loop down.

February 25, 2011


Another successful food day! I am happy to once again report a good workout and successful eating. I lost another pound and another belt loop. The belt loop is always a huge motivator because it means I am closer and closer to new clothes. Clothes are a huge motivator for me because I want me to be able shop at normal stores and get out of the big and tall world. I am glad I lost a pound even after a couple of difficult diet days this week, just goes to show you that a resting metabolic rate of 2866 and working out every day builds in some wiggle room.

I had a great date night out with my wife tonight and we did the dinner and a movie thing.

Just Go With It

We went to see Just Go With It with Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Nicole Kidman and it surprised me.  I was really not expecting to enjoy it based on the ratings, but I found it pretty funny and though predictable a great date movie.  I am a sucker for movies that are shot in Hawaii though.  I am pleased to report that though I did have a Coke Zero at the movie there was no M&M treats since this was not an unhealthy choices day for me.

After the movie we went and grabbed a bite to eat at Texas Roadhouse, which is one of the better date restaurants here in Richmond.  I have been crazing a little more red meat since I mostly eat turkey and chicken throughout the week.   We were both surprised that the restaurant was not on a wait since it is usually packed, but we were definitely happy about it.  We sat down for a good meal and some great conversation.  I stayed pretty on plan and was very happy about it.  I am not sure if I am going to “cheat” this weekend since I have already been fairly bad this week as it is.  Plus we travel to Phoenix on Wednesday and I sure we will be sampling some good food out there.  After dinner we went to Starbucks and I had coffee, which I am sad to report kept me up fairly late!


I walked 13,871 steps and 7.2 miles and burned 4,210 calories via my fitbit

Watch calories burned: 997, I did leave my calorie burn on for about 30 minutes past the workout!


Today I did another double treading workout and I love to see the improvements I make in my speed.  I now do a 15 incline at 3mph during my intense treads.  On the one minute ones I am at 3.5, and I know I can push it harder.  I need to keep challenging myself!


Today breakfast was again the almond butter with honey on an Arnold bun with some milk.  I really enjoy the sweet breakfasts sometimes.  I love milk and I do not let myself have it when I have my high protein breakfast just because of the extra calorie density.  For lunch I took my leftover brown rice and leftover shrimp and made shrimp stir fry lettuce wraps.  They were yummy, and though high in sodium really tasty and low calorie.  I had a bowl of corn chipotle bisque and it was great too.  I plan to start doing grocery food reviews and I think the bisque will be my first one.  Look for that later today. At Texas Roadhouse for date night I had 4 peanuts (they count!) a 6oz filet of beef, green beans, and a plain baked potato with some ketchup.  I know I know most people think the ketchup thing is gross, but come on!  I mean french fries come from the same food!  It was delicious and well within my calorie limits.


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At home day 17, Double treading is back, food is on point today, and I am heading to fitbloggin! First food review: Biggest Loser Simply Sensible Lasagna with Meat Sauce

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