At home day 17, Double treading is back, food is on point today, and I am heading to fitbloggin!

February 23, 2011

Today was a much better day as far as food went.  I stayed on plan today and I made it to the gym.  Score and score!  I also went to my piano lesson (yes I am taking piano lessons with my kids,) took the kids to school, and found about an hours worth of time to do some work on the new blog at Starbucks for an hour.  The only thing I have not been able to get today is studying my ACSM books.

One of the four training books I received and need to start studying!

I set forth as one of my goals to obtain a personal training certification, so I looked through a ton of different ones and asked some people for advice and now I plan on going for the American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Training Certificate.  When I was at the resort I was talking with Sam who was a contestant in the 9th season of The Biggest Loser, and he said that I should go ahead and do the studying for the test while I was still losing weight.  I want to pay forward what I have learned and this is my first big step in doing that.  Plus I am a stay at home dad and could train people when my kids are in school.  It could be a great setup and help me pay for all my tech gadgets to boot!  Or help me pay for more trips to the resort.

Some really good news for me is that my wife is really excited about my blogging and has tenatively agreed to go with me to the Fitbloggin conference.  It essentially would let me network with other successful weightloss and fitness bloggers to get tips, and I am mostly interested in increasing readers/followers.  The more people that read the more accountable I feel.  Which in theory is a good things right?  I am excited most of all that my wife is so interested and supportive.

Fitbit stats will be updated at midnight, I will update the post in the morning.

Watch calories burned: 615 calores, but I bet it would have been 650-700 if I had not forgot to turn it on during my warm up and first 5 minute treading interval.

Today I did a double treading class and I feel good afterward.  I am hoping to get back to kettlebells on Saturday.  It felt good to get a great workout in on a day where I had so much to get done.  I felt really accomplished getting it in so early.


Shrimp stir fry wrap

Breakfast was an Arnold bun with 2 tablespoon of almond butter and half a tablespoon of organic honey with a glass of skim milk.  For lunch I grilled some shrimp and added them to some stir fry veggies and wrapped all of that in a flatout wrap.  It was delicious, and fairly low calorie.  Dinner was a turkey burger and a bowl of butternut squash soup with a Kashi cookie for dessert.  I was very happy with my food today.  I am going to start logging calories.  I have been lax about that so far, and that needs to change


Standard disclaimer, the slideshow does not appear for Iphone/Ipads because of flash.

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