At home day 16, Treading again, and figuring out that we eat out a ton!

February 23, 2011


It is weird how you can see yourself and your life one way and then notice you were pretty far off.  I have noticed that since I have been home and blogging that we eat out a ton.  I mean I knew we ate out a decent bit, but I always felt that I cooked quite a bit at home and that was the bulk of it, but today we ate out for two meals.  I think a large part of it is being social.  For example the second time I went out today was to do kids night at Fazolis where they have someone to color with the kids and you can hang out with your friends with kids.  I was there with my friends Zack, Laura and Kevin and we had about 5 kids with us.  It was nice to have adult time and kid time and a good dinner.

The kids at Fazoli's

I have made mostly good choices when I went out to eat, but for me it is like taking an alcoholic to a bar 3 to 8 times a week.  I am in recovery and a great way to relapse is to constantly surround myself with temptations.  Tonight I ate my dinner which was already a big plate of spaghetti, but within my calories for the day, but the next thing I knew I was helping the kids finish off their pasta dishes.  I did not even know I was doing it and stopped it once I did, but then I took all of their food to go.  Big mistake…  I knew they were not going to eat it rewarmed, and guess who ate it?  Me!  Argh!  I know better than that, and I still messed up.  I really need to work on modifying my behavior if I am going to be in these situations so much.  It is one thing to go out for a cheat meal, but another to choose to surround myself with the temptations.

Today was also the first day I did treading again.  A quick treading recap is 5 minutes as hard as you can go, 5 cool down, 4 hard, 4 cooldown, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1.  It felt good to push myself again.  Hopefully it balanced out my mistake.  I do not want this to be a lost week.  My body needs to understand mistakes vs. normal.  Normal is healthy eating and I expect my body to get to a healthier weight.


I walked 8,948 steps and 4.4 miles and burned 3,639 calories via my fitbit

Watch calories burned: I did not have it for my workout, but good news I found my heart rate strap!  Watch will be back tomorrow.


Today I did a treading workout and it felt great to push myself again.  I am going to try to do kettlebells on Friday, and get back into them.  I feel like I am losing muscle as I type this!  It needs to warm up so I can start hiking around here.  Silly 20 degree weather!  We looked at bikes today too, anyone have a recommendation for a bike for a 265 pound guy?  Needs to be sturdy I imagine.  That is what I get when I reach that goal weight.  We are going to get some pull behinds for the kids.  We will see how that goes, sounds like quite a workout.

Breakfast was eggs and toast with bacon once again.  For lunch we went to the cafe that is attached to our gym called the Greenway cafe.  I had the Mediteranian wrap which had some great chicken in it.  No idea on calories, but I would say 400-600 and within my range for a meal.  Dinner I went to Fazoli’s with friends like I mentioned above and had a spaghetti with meat sauce and then went on to eat half a kids spaghetti and fettuccine.   I just looked the Spaghetti I had up and it was 680 calories, not a deal breaker until you add in that I ate extra!  Here is the Fazoli’s nutrition (or lack there of) web page.   ACK ACK ACK!  This is a teachable moment is what I would say if I was a politician…  Let us all remember to not take food home for the kids we know they will not eat.


By the way if you do not see the slideshow below or in other posts, they are flash applications so complain to Steve Jobs about your Ipad and Iphone not loading them.  Sorry!

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