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Day 15: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7527It is weird coming back to the resort after having missed the last two days.  I feel out of sorts missing all the new faces at orientation.  It was definitely worth it since I had a great time with my family this weekend, but getting back into the swing of things mentally is going to take a bit.  There are 20 new guests this week and only about 6 stay over guests.  It is a pretty big change since my first two weeks most of the guests were stay over guests and many had been here over 3 weeks.  Another interesting thing about this week is there are almost as many men as women here.  It is usually just a small handful of men at any of the resorts so this is an interesting turn.

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Days 13 and 14: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara (Buffalo+Niagara Falls!)

IMG_7524Well I have good news and bad news.  The good news is I have a ton of pictures of my family weekend at the falls (see the slideshow at the bottom of this post.)  The bad news is…  Well this post was blank when I opened it up so I have no record of my thoughts for these two days.  I enjoyed the two days immensely and though my eating was far from perfect we walked both sides of the falls up and down.  I went to Canada for the first time and got soaked!

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Day 12: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7259Today was the day that my family arrived into town and I could not wait to see them. I checked in with them between every class to see when they were going to arrive. They turned out to not make it in until around 5pm, and that was perfect. I had them come down here so I could show them around, but I only got to introduce them to a few guests. My son and daughter were enthralled by the boats and the fishing poles. I think they want to come back just for that as a vacation!

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Day 11: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

DuffsI have some good news and some bad news, the good news is I enjoyed my day today immensely and the bad news is… I enjoyed my day immensely!  Why, you may ask, was my day so spectacular?  Well, today I went on an eating expedition with a couple of friends from the resort.  Buffalo is famous for buffalo chicken wings and we had heard that the place to try them was called Duffs.  We hatched this plan at Target the night before and decided that we could only do it if we all went and made sure none of us went too far off the rails and I am not too disappointed to report what happened.

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Day 10: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7245A couple of really great things happened today, the first was that my ass did not hurt too much in spin class, and the second was a fun trip to Target. It is amazing that by my third spin class my ass is already getting to be numb enough to focus on the workout and not just enduring the pain. I was so excited by the prospect of enjoying spinning that I bought pants and shoes on amazon. I am not sure how big guy padded spandex bike pants are going to fair in the public eye here, but some may be jealous? If I can get into spinning then I know I have a great workout back home and a class that I can go to.

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Day 9: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_6597It was a thoroughly exhausting day today, but I feel pretty good all things considered. I have found myself bonding more with some of the guests and getting to know the trainers a bit more which is helping my overall mood. My first week I was pretty shut off from other people and now I find myself opening up more and laughing at meal time with some of my new friends.

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Day 8: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7044 Monday all over again, and all I can think about is surviving until the end of the day. I was a little excited about the assessment hike once again to see if I could notice any difference over the weekend. I think I have done some improving on my stamina, but my speed is about the same. It was good to go through it again with a new group of people, but there are far fewer new people this week. The total group size is down about 10 and the stay over guests far outnumber the newbies. It is actually not such a bad thing considering the people here are great and today I really got to have a great time. My group for breakfast, lunch and dinner kept me laughing so much today that I felt like I had a third core workout.

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Days 6 and 7: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7209At this resort y0u are encouraged to weigh in every weekend to see your results and fix what you need to. I weighed in on Saturday morning and got the pleasant surprise of losing 12.4 pounds (19.10 body fat lost, 6.7 muscle gained) and 3.5% body fat. I have to say I was pretty excited and hope I can continue the downward trend aggressively my second and third weeks.

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