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At Home Day 5 – The Only One At the Spinning Class

So today I woke up and after I dropped the children at school I went straight to the gym for BodyPump class. I increased my weight a bit from last time since I was not sore from the first class. I am trying to find a good middle ground and make sure that I get a good workout, but that I do not destroy my workouts for the rest of the week. I know I pushed it hard in class because my shirt was super sweaty by the end.

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At Home Day 4 – Only Doing One Cardio Class Is Rest?

IMG_7640This morning I made a quick parfait out of leftover berries, honey and greek yogurt. Tasty and super fast, and then it was out the door with the kiddos and my gym clothes and spinning gear. I went in this morning to spin class with a mission. I wanted to make sure that my shoes did not malfunction, and that I really pushed my cardio. Previously it has been matters of surviving the pain, and today I wanted to make it more and more about the workout. I have to say I was successful and my daily workout got checked off real early.

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At Home Day 3 – The New Deal…

IMG_7637I have kept up my 6:30am wake up time that I established at the resort. I have found that even though I could get all the kids stuff ready and them to school by waking up at 7, that this works better. I feel like I have time to breath in the morning now, rather than being rushed through everything. I make their food and mine before I even wake them, and this allows for a more orderly and less stressed eating environment. I am not sure if it helps the kids or myself more, but I am enjoying it. I think my wife likes having her breakfast made for her (if she is waking up at all,) and I like having the time to cook and not just open packages. Having eggs, toast and fruit is much better than opening up a quick breakfast bar as I run out the door.

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Homeward Bound and the First Days at Home…

IMG_7628I left the resort on Saturday morning with a plan already in hand. I opted to leave right after breakfast on Saturday so that I could go to Wegman’s and buy many of the things we had eaten at the resort and take them home. I want to incorporate many of the quality heavy ingredients we are given at the resort into my home life. I know it is going to take a good bit of time to learn the quantities I need and to source the good ingredients in the small city I live in, so the Wegman’s trip was a must. It took me about an hour and a half to go through the shopping list I had made for all the food I was going to prep when I got home, but that went fast.

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Day 19: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7605Kind of an emotional day since it was my last full day of workouts and it went by fast.  I really enjoy Fridays at the resort because the hike is gorgeous and the two afternoon classes go by fast.  It is a day of reflection where you remember all of the thing you laughed and complained about with your fellow guests.  I am blessed to know that I will only be gone for one week, and get to come back to some friends I have made here.  For all the people that are going home for good I really wish them all the best and all the luck in the world.  It is tough when you leave here for good and know you are now responsible for all the great things you get here daily without thought.

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Day 18: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7584The main thing on my mind today was the rest of my stays at the resort and getting organized for my week at home coming up. I spoke with my wife and found out that my last set of two weeks in October were now going to have to go down to just a one week stay because of a complication of her work schedule. At first I was kind of stressed since I had just decided that I liked the spacing of the weeks. The good news is I had scheduled a life coaching session with Teresa to help me get organized and she help me plan out the rest to my weeks with little changes.

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Day 17: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7573Kind of an odd day today as I woke up with a pain on top of my knee, and had no idea what it was. At first I thought it was where I had crawled around on pavement, but on closer examination there was a white head in the center of my knee and the pain was surrounding it by about 4 inches and was slightly red. As I talked to one of my friends here at breakfast he found a similar thing the same morning on his ankle and was told it was a bug (spider) bite. I hate spiders…. It figures I would get a bite while I was here, and it really does give me some shooting pain from time to time, but it is not as bad as my friend’s bite on his ankle. He is going into town to get a doctor to look at it, and unfortunately will be missing classes.

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Day 16: Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7533There was some good and bad today at the resort for me. On the good side I had a great conversation about planning and ways to move forward with Kelly today. She is one of the trainers here and they are all willing to take some time during just about anything to listen and offer advice. I started off asking her advice on whether I should stick with my current schedule of 3 weeks on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off and 2 on. I will have a spare week after that since we bought a package of 8 weeks. My wife had mentioned over the weekend that I could change to 5 weeks on, 1 week off and then 3 weeks on to finish off my stay here. Kelly helped me start to break down what I needed to do when I got home and I think I am going to stick with the way things are already.

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