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Days 28 and 29 – Plodding along till the end

Well I always seem to start off with my weigh in of the morning and today was a little underwhelming but expected after so many good days in a row. I am posting, as usual, on the morning after the days I am posting about. As of the morning of day 30 I am at 318 which is a pound up from yesterday. My overall weight loss is now 34.8 pounds which is what I am focusing on because it is amazing in just 30 days. (Click Continue Reading for more.)

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Days 26 and 27 – The excitement grows

Well I am closing in on the end of my first long term juice/liquid session and things are still going great. This morning (Monday my 28th day/Sept. 2) I weighed in at 317.6 which is 35.2 pounds in a touch over 27 days. The results are slightly better than expected, and my mood is still great.(Click continue reading for more)

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Days 24 and 25 – Onward and Downward

Well it has been a couple of days, but I have still been plodding along through my liquid/juice fast. The last couple of days I have pretty much been spot on. I am happy to report that on both Thursday and Friday I did a 9.5 mile ride at about 12MPH! That is pretty good, and on Friday I did a separate weight training workout in the gym with my trainer. I am feeling great and the weight is still dropping off. Today is Saturday (morning) as I write this and I weighed in this morning and have dropped down to 319.6 which is 32.2 pounds down total in a touch over 25 days! (Click continue reading for more)

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