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Quick mini update

Running low on time so I just thought I would check in with some goods news. As of the morning of my 7th day on this liquid fast I am down to 310. That is 3.8 pounds down from before my vacation last week and a total of 42.8 pounds down overall. I am so close to being under 300 I can smell it! (Click Continue Reading for more.)

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Getting back on the horse has been hard the last 2 days

As of the morning of the 6th day of my current liquid fast I am having some hitches in my plan. I have been having the occasional spoon of peanut butter. Now if a juicer was powerful enough, peanut butter would be a juice right? Wrong, it is a crutch I have developed and I intend to get off of it. I do have to say however, that my weight loss is moving forward very well. This morning I weighed in at 313.4 which is .4 lower than pre-vacation weight, and lower by about 2lbs from the end of my last fast. (Click Continue Reading for more..)

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Another day down

Well starting the juice/liquid fast off has not been too hard so far. I have had some nice berry/grape breakfast juices and spinach/carrot/berry/grape blends for my other meals with some carrot juice soup. As of this morning I am down 6.2 pounds after two days on my new fast. The weight I gained while on vacation seems to be evaporating. (Click continue reading for more…)

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Back from Vacation, the good and the bad. Juice Fast 2 Day 1

Well the good news is that I had a fantastic time with my family. We were active everyday going to the beach, walking, and riding bikes 5+ miles a few days with our kids on the back of them. It was a blast and I feel very refreshed. The bad news is that I was totally off any sort of any sensible eating. I did not binge, but I did indulge in desserts, high fat foods and eating out quite a bit. I gained a little over 9 pounds in about 9 days! (Click continue reading for more…)

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Breaking the fast and my stomach!

Well the last two days have been great as far as getting to chew food consistently once again. I never really knew how bad I missed it till I was able to masticate once again. I find it hard to believe that I have stil manage to lose a little over 1lb in these two days where I have reverted to solid food. I weighed in at 313.8 this morning, and I was 315 when my fast ended. To say that I am happy to still see the scale moving down would be an understatement. It is giving me confidence going into my vacation that I can maintain and maybe even add to my total weight loss. I am 39lbs down and getting ever so close to being out of the 300s once again (this time for good.) (Click Continue Reading for more)

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Weight Charts

Juice Fast Charts (1 and 2)

1st Juice Fast Weight Chart

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The final days of the first leg of my trip, days 33, 34 and 35!

Well yesterday was day 35 and that is it for this liquid/juice fast.  The last three days were a blur, but the good news is that in 35 days I lost 38.2 pounds.  I will take a little over a pound a day anytime!  This fast had definitely had it’s ups and downs, but overall I became used to it and it became a part of my life.  I would like to thank Joe Cross and his movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” for giving me the idea and his website forums for helping me through this process.  Though it was my willpower, it was most assuredly their words of encouragement that helped me through this.  I also want to thank Joe Rogan and Bert Kreischer for all the great podcasts and comedy that helped push me over the edge to want to make a change.  Joe’s kale shakes were what got me on the road to thinking about meal replacements, and Bert just did his own liquid cleanse and has talked about healthy choices on the podcast many times. (Click continue reading for me!)

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Days 30, 31 and 32 – Finally a drop!

The last three days have gone by crazy fast. As far as weight loss goes I was plateaued at around 317 for all three days until this morning as I post the blog post on day 33! I am down to 315 and that was my goal for the first juice fast so I am pretty pumped. I still have today (Saturday) till Tuesday morning when I break my fast, so 4 more days!!! I have had some ups and downs with the fast over these days I am sad to report.(Click continue reading for more)

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