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My Day 11 Video Blog entry

Still working on this but might as well keep trying it out.

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Juice fast day 8 video I made of some rambling. You at least get a semi baseline for changes that are on the way.

Ok, I did this really fast on day 8 just because I wanted to get a semi-baseline for changes in my face. I will try to not ramble and use uhm less next time.

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Day 10 – Still going…

Once again I am writing my blog post on the morning of the day after my tenth day. Day ten went by pretty easy, but I did kind of change things up.  I had a pre-made naked green juice at Starbucks for breakfast.  I have found I like to go to those in a pinch, even though they do not meet the “fresh juice” I really want.  For lunch and dinner I actually had leftover tomato+basil+garlic juice I had made yesterday.  The trick was I once again warmed it up and enjoyed a hot meal that felt a little more real for being warm and using a spoon.

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Day Nine – Juice fast

Well there is not too much to say about the day that was 8/14/12. I made a nice fruit juice and a fruit/veggie juice in the morning, as well has juicing a ton of tomatoes with garlic and basil. One thing I tried today with the tomatoes was to make a soup from juice. Since this is my version of the fast I feel like I can modify things since the benefits I am looking for are more weight loss and changing my overall food tastes.

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Days Seven and Eight of Juicing!

Well it is the evening of day eight as I write this so there is a little to catch up on. On Sunday I woke up to a 338.2 weight which was nice to see, and then today when I weighed I was at 335.8!!! That is 17 pounds in just 7 days on the plan. I am still in shock at how I am able to stick to this plan with a few modifications. I am still drinking mostly fruit in my juice blends, and have had the occasional miso soup (which is not a juice!) but still only the one day where I messed up and had solids.

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Days Five and Six, off the horse, back on the horse.

The good news on Friday 8/10 was that I weighed in at 339.8, which was a 14lb weight loss! I was happy and amazed and stressed. Why was I stressed? Well if you have read my blog you know that I am now a stay at home dad, but that was not always the case. My former career I moved heaven and earth to get information infrastructure up for the Federal Emergency Management Agency at disaster operations offices. It was a great job, and my last stint in Orlando I had a super boss. Why is this important to why I was stressed? Well my former boss (who is like another father figure/best friend to me) was coming into Indianapolis and wanted to treat me to dinner at a steak house!

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Beginning of Day 4 – Juice fast

The good news so far is that today when I weighed I was down to 342.2. That is 10.6 pounds in 3 days on the fast which is surprisngly motivating. The bad news is that I still have not found a good veggie combo juice that I do not have to force myself to drink. Thinking about drinking the veggie juices makes me start to get a sense of dread. Of course making myself not enjoy the thought of meal time may balance out some other food seeking issues I have developed.

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It is hard to believe that I have not updated my blog in so long!

Well as you can imagine when someone is not updating their health/fitness blog the wheels have fallen off. That is exactly what happened to me after I got back from the resort after my nice weight loss. There is no rhyme or reason to it, I just let the stress and anxiety and life take the wheel and as usual I ballooned up. It has been going on for quite some time and I have been in and out of trying to figure out what to do about it, to just getting depressed and letting the spiral continue.

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