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Recipe: Greek Pasta Salad

So in an effort to clean out our pantry I threw something together today and it worked out pretty well thanks to a little pressure from my wife. It was a fairly simple recipe and you can “healthy” it up pretty easily. It is good in a small portion as a side/appetizer or you could add some chicken (or leave it veggie) and make a meal out of it. I would even say with some light italian dressing and some romaine lettuce you could beef it up quite nicely. It all started with a jar of kalamata olives and a 1lb bag of whole wheat rotini pasta.

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The Wednesday Weigh In…

I weighed in on Wednesday (1/4/12) and was pleased to see that I was at 300.5 still. I wanted to be at least a pound less, but considering how poorly I ate over my holidays two week break I will take it! I have continued to go to the gym an average of 4 times per week, and am still aiming more at 5 times. I have cleaned my diet up considerably over the last several days, but I still need to get more mentally tough at night.

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