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Day 2 at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah

Monday was a good day, even though I was exhausted from all the travel on Sunday.  I slept past the optional stretch in the morning to try to recover and get ready for my hike and full day of workouts.  I feel weird being here this time since I have been so far off track the last 2 months.  It is hard knowing that regardless of my time here I will not even be back to my lowest weight last year.  

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Back at the Biggest Loser Resort, but this time it is Utah!

It has been far too long since I have been accountable and have blogged, and since I am back at the Biggest Loser Resort it is time to pick it back up. I am a little behind since I got here on Sunday, but every second I don’t do my first post the harder it is to get started so here we go. This one is going to be quick because I am preparing for my second hike since it is Tuesday morning as I type this. The good news is I am back in an incredibly positive environment. The bad news is I weighed in on Sunday at 333.5 pounds. Just for those that are new my low after I left the resort the last time was 290. Am I depressed? Hell yes I am! This sucks, but I have dealt with it almost 4 times now where I lose 100 gain 100, but I have to keep going. My weight before I went last December was 365 so I guess you could say I am still down, but it is hard to look at it that way right now.

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