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Another day

Things are still moving forward positively. Food was good yesterday and I stayed on plan. I did have a Coke Zero, but that allowed me to not binge so I count it as a blessing. For breakfast I had 2 egg whites with one whole egg with some veggies and beans. Lunch was chicken, salsa, spinach and peppers and black beans, and dinner was the same with some added guacamole. Also, I had some extra beans before bed. I am pretty happy with the diet, though I wish it were easier to have a snack.

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Yay and stuff…

Things are still going well. I am feeling better as far as might clothes go. They had been getting tight and now they are starting to loosen once again. I am both sad and glad I am not quantifying my weight so I know how well it is working. I still think mentally it is for the best.

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First day was all good, day two is going swimmingly…

Yesterday went well and I stuck to the eating plan. I may have actually eaten too little. I missed breakfast as I got ready and worked out and went to Starbucks too early. I did have coffee and tea yesterday which I am going to try to work on removing from my daily consumption. I plan on getting down to near unsweetened green tea while at Starbucks. I ate some roasted skinless chicken for lunch and for dinner I had some spinach, onions, green peppers, roasted chicken and black beans with salsa and a little guacamole. I had no coke zero but did still have some crystal light. I am really working on decreasing my caffeine and eliminating my sugar free sweeteners. I am pretty happy with the diet so far. Today should go better.

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Guess who’s back, back again…

Well it has been a long time since I have been serious and the time is once again upon me. I just got back from a family vacation in Seaside, Florida filled with crazy bad foods and family fun. It was great, but it was seriously glutinous. After going out again last night with my wife I back and on plan 100% committed to getting to where I was before I go back to the Biggest Loser Resort at the end of November for 3 weeks.

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Still going…

Well I have been good food wise and workout wise the past two days.  I did go out for Mexican with my wife last night and had a bit extra of some chips, but I had been exceptionally good during the day and was well below my calories.  Subway lunch with just a turkey 6 inch sub, no cheese and light mayo!  Yum!

As far as workouts the last two days on Thursday I went in and was on the elliptical for 45 minutes at a good pace, and today I did a mix of running and hill climbing on the treadmill for a 40 minute treading session.  Wednesday I did cardio and some weights with my trainer.  So far a good week for working out and eating guaranteed.

I keep wondering how Sam is doing and that is actually something that is keeping me on course.  I know he has quite a bit of fighting and work to do, and it makes my amount of work seem little.  I know he can do it and I keep praying for him.

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It has been forever, but I have a good reason to post.

I know it has been quite awhile since I have posted anything about myself.  The simple reason for that is I am tired of posting my failures.  It used to be much easier getting motivated to post when I had progress or even a hint at it.  Slowly but surely I have stopped losing weight and have gained a little back.  No drastic changes up and down from my previous posts so not much to report right?

Well yes to a certain extent my progress has stalled and I am in a funk but life marches on.  I posted about Louis and his challenge, and am  continually astonished by his accomplishments.  He is an inspiration to me and all the people watching him.  I started this blog out at the Biggest Loser Resort and had great success and met many inspirational people while I was there.  Right now one of those people is hurt and I wish there was something I could for them other then pray.

Sam Poueu is someone you are probably familiar with if you watch the Biggest Loser.  He and his cousin were together on Season 9 of the show and Sam met his future wife Stephanie on the show.  I missed Sam’s season, but I met him at the resort and was lucky enough to be his first official trainee.  He got his training certification while I was there and I was allowed to train with him.  I can honestly say that no one else has ever made me scream while working out.  Sam pushed me to my limit, and it was a limit that he could find and one I never thought I could reach.  He is one of the most genuine, kind people I have ever met, and since his fall a few days ago I have been in a crazy depression.   Sam pays forward what he received and worked hard to get where he is.  It is such a part of him to be kind and giving and everyone around him feels it.  My heart goes out to his family and friends that are there with him.  I sent flowers and have written but I feel powerless to help someone I genuinely care about.  Sam you touched my life and helped change it for the better.

I figure the only thing I can do at this point is focus on the gift he gave me and nurture it as a way to show my appreciation.  I have strayed of late and had often thought of what Sam would say if he saw my workouts or meals where I wasn’t giving 100%.  I know Sam is giving it 100% all the time, and I am praying hard for him to get back up and keep moving forward.

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Great Cause and Great Fitness

I received an e-mail this morning from a good friend who is about to do a grueling crossfit challenge for a cause. Many of you who have read my posts have heard me mention Louis in several posts. One of which is a challenge to get to 250 (which he is kicking my ass on.) I would encourage you to donate to a good cause and a great challenge for Louis. I did and am very happy to do so. Louis is an inspiration for me, and even though I have been quite on here for a while I am still struggling and his successes keep me thinking that I can get back on this horse and ride it. Here is the message with the donation information attached:

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